Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Changing Thinking and Approaches

Court Vision with C.J. Lee
WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 17 -- Changing Thinking and Approaches

We started early this morning - 6:30 a.m. open gym to be exact. Coach Beilein has been doing a lot of traveling lately so he wanted to see us play versus one another a little bit. After the run this morning, one group of guys had weights. I lifted in the afternoon after our track workout with Stu (Douglass), Manny (Harris), Zack (Gibson), DeShawn (Sims), Eric (Puls) and Corey (Person).

Speaking of the track; today was our first workout on the track. As a team were getting anxious because last year the track was a major part of our workout and we had not done anything on it until today. The workout has become somewhat legendary already. It was good to get the first one out of the way because in all honesty, the track workout is something that our players thought about all summer in their preparation.

One of the biggest things that our program has been trying to do this offseason is change the way we think and approach things as players. The track falls into that category. All offseason we have been preaching we are all about maximizing the day and being self-starters. Don't look ahead, don't look back and do what is right in front of you. That type of mentality goes along way for you throughout the year. Our goal should be to attack the preseason program this way and to have it carry over to the season.

Everyday this summer, our Director of Basketball Operations Brian Townsend, would send us these daily questions and quotes that we would have to answer and think about. It was a way for us to learn about how we handle adversity, success and other related stuff. You learn a lot about yourself when you watch how you think. One of the things that I learned is today is the only day the matters in terms of my preparation. This falls into that maximizing the day theme. I have had four different head coaches over the course of my college career. This was entirely out of my control but the one thing I have taken from all my experiences is that the only thing you can control is your effort.

Today being the only day that matters in terms of my preparation is something I am trying to live by because it is something I can control. It is something that I apply to school also because it speaks to time management and not putting off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Court Vision with C.J. Lee
MONDAY, SEPT. 15 -- Learning Compromise is Always a Good Thing

The freshmen are an interesting group this year. We have Ben (Cronin) who is from upstate New York like me while Zack (Novak) and Stu (Douglass) are both from Indiana. I think the freshmen are getting adjusted pretty well so far. I remember being one year removed from high school and realizing how much more you practice in college. One of the things that I like doing and it helps team chemistry is getting to know my teammates outside of basketball.

For example, Zack and I ate last week at training table had an hour conversation about politics of all things. The conversation was spurred from the team talking in the lockerroom about all the things happening on campus regarding the election. Being a public policy student, I did encourage them to vote regardless of who they planned on voting for. The lockerroom in a sense does serve as a place to bounce ideas off one another. It's funny; the problem is getting a word in without having to scream to get your point across.

Zack and I discussed the issues regarding certain policy and the candidates. The conversation was good and in fact, we share a lot of the same views. The one thing that was reinforced for me personally from the conversation is that compromise is essential to the political process. But compromise can't happen unless you are willing to talk to people. For someone who said they didn't pay attention to politics that much, Zack knew a lot.

My weekend was filled for the most part with doing school work and watching football. Saturday, I went in to do some stretching and corrective exercises with Coach Curtis. DeShawn (Sims), Zack and Anthony (Wright) were there with me. Some other guys got treatment but Saturday for the most part was an off day for Michigan Basketball. We all had a Sunday individual workout with Coach Beilein that was cut short and a movement training session with Coach Curtis. With all the rain we were having this weekend, the Crisler Arena floor was a little slick, so we cut the workouts short for precaution.

Believe me -- we will make the time up in the near future though!

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