Court Vision with C.J. Lee: Off Court Bonding

Court Vision with C.J. Lee
MONDAY, SEPT. 22 -- Off Court Bonding

Friday started out early for me once again. By 6 a.m. I was up and on my way to get Manny (Harris) for our 7 a.m. individual and 8 a.m. weightlifting session. The individual involved a lot of shooting drills that Coach Beilein and staff want us to do on our own. The one new drill we did that I liked involved shooting from five spots on the floor -- the two corners, the wing and the top of the key. The thing was though, you started in one corner and you wouldn't move to the next spot until you missed two shots in a row. It was all about concentrating and putting pressure on yourself not to miss two shots in a row.

Sunday we had a team building exercise from 9 a.m. to about 2:30 pm. Our entire team and staff participated in the University of Michigan Challenge Program out on Dixboro Road. We had a number of different challenges to do in terms of team building and communication building, but my favorite was the obstacle course you had to complete blindfolded. It made you rely on your teammate's guidance because they could see your course but you couldn't. All of the players made it through the obstacle course just fine. Kelvin (Grady) and Manny jokingly didn't tell me I had finished the obstacle course so I made a fool out of myself by continuing to move, squat, lunge and lean like I was still trying to avoid things. I will get them back in the near future.

C.J. Lee and the rest of his Wolverine teammates participated in the Challenge Program at U-M over the weekend.

Manny Harris also celebrated his 19th birthday this weekend. Between Manny's birthday and the team building exercise this weekend, we spent a lot of time together off the court. Somebody always has a story to tell and someone is always cracking a joke on somebody when you get us all together. The most entertaining people without a doubt are DeShawn (Sims) and Anthony (Wright). DeShawn has stories for days and Anthony is always cracking on something or somebody.

This season continues to be one that I know I will cherish forever. The hard work, the friendships, the laughter and the dedication have me looking forward to the next day. I just want to see what might happen.

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