Bartelstein Blog: Start Around the Corner, Schedule Breakdown

Sept. 28, 2012

Senior guard Josh Bartelstein begins his senior season and his third year writing the J-Bart Blog. He will give all Wolverine fans an inside look into the program and life outside of basketball during the 2012-13 season.

What's up everyone?

Hope everyone is doing well. The season is fast approaching with less than two weeks until the beginning of practice. We are anxious to really get started and begin the journey of the 97th team in Michigan men's basketball history!

We are still in eight-hour work weeks with only two of those hours devoted to working with our basketball coaches. At this point, we are still only focusing on defense, but we are making strides, especially with our freshmen just understanding our system. The sooner you can pick up rotations and quick man procedures, the sooner you can play!

That leaves six hours a week that we work with Jon Sanderson -- our strength and conditioning coach. I truly believe he is the best in the country because everything we do has an emphasis on basketball. You have a lot of strength coaches who believe in this football mentality of lifting as much weight as possible.

We believe in doing things that translate to being stronger, faster and more explosive on the basketball court. It is clear how much more athletic and stronger our team has gotten in the past couple years working with him. It is these six weeks where we really put in the work with him that pays off all season long.

I wanted to talk about this last week, but our official schedule finally came out. While I'm sure fans have certain things they look form like when we play Michigan State and Ohio State, as a player there are things I always look for as well. Now I already know the non-conference schedule so that isn't what I really evaluate, but the first thing I look for is our bye week and when exactly that is.

This year we actually have two one-week byes, which I think is huge. The season is so grueling and exhausting that the ability to rest up for a week, get better as a team and even get a couple days off is so underrated.

You have to remember; the whole season you pretty much spend practice getting ready for other teams. Practicing their offense and running plays you believe will work against them. A bye allows you to practice what you need to work on. We can scout ourselves and work on what Michigan needs to get better at!

The other thing I look at is the amount of back-to-back road games we have in conference. This year the number is two, but only one is on what I call a short turnaround. In years past, that number has been three or four and it is an exhausting process.

For example, let's say we play at Northwestern on Wednesday and at Indiana on Saturday. That means we leave Tuesday night, play on Wednesday and then leave right after the game. Typically we land around 2 a.m., with classes starting seven hours later. On Thursday, we have a light practice then leave again on Friday for Indiana. Obviously, we play Saturday and then fly back landing early Sunday morning. That means we at some point were in the air on Tuesday, Wednesday (after the game), Thursday (early morning 2 a.m.), Friday, Saturday (after the game) and Sunday (early morning 2 a.m.). That is exhausting traveling everyday and having to play! Those are the two main things I look at when evaluating our schedule.

Check out the schedule and come and see us when you can. We hear we could have many sellouts.

Okay, I also want to give myself a shout out, well actually Travis Conlan. There was an article posted that Duke was the first to have iPads for scouting reports and film work. As you know, Travis had that idea for us to go paperless when we first moved into the Davidson Player Development Center. So, I just want to make sure he gets his due. Check it the article (CBS Sports) and the correction. Go Blue! Michigan Blue!

Lastly, I want to congratulate my youngest sister, Kirby, on her Bat Mitzvah. You did a great job and I'm so proud of you!

With that, I'll write again next week, keep sending in your questions and comments to and I will continue to respond.

Have a great weekend and Go Blue!

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