Cole's World: Please Allow Me The Chance to Introduce Myself
Cole McConnell

Oct. 4, 2013

So here I am sitting in my dorm room, listening to some tunes on Pandora, reading Josh Bartelstein's old blog and coming to a quick realization that Josh is a much better writer than I am. But with Josh's graduation last year there's a new sheriff in town, Cole McConnell.

So for those of you who do not already know, I am going to take over the team blog from now on.

Let me introduce myself.

First, I was not a five-star recruit like Zak (Irvin) or a heralded point guard like Derrick (Walton Jr.). So this means most of you probably do not know who I am. No worries. If I do not declare for the NBA Draft after this year, you will have four more years of me. Right now there is around a .00001% chance I go to the NBA after this year, but I mean who knows maybe I'll wake up tomorrow morning with a 44-inch vertical jump like Glenn (Robinson III). I'm going to reserve the exact number of my current vertical jump so I can keep some dignity.

Let me share a little more about myself.

I came to the University of Michigan this year as a recruited walk-on. I spent four years at Sacred Heart Prep, a small catholic school in the suburbs of San Francisco, Calif. Yes, I am from California, which is why I only work on my beach muscles when I am in the weight room. I was fortunate enough to play with my older brothers Reed and Will in high school; they now play at UC Irvine and Dartmouth, respectively. Upon graduating from Sacred Heart, I attended New Hampton School for a postgraduate year. While there, I played in a league with Brewster Academy and Northfield Mount Hermon, the alma maters of Mitch (McGary) and Spike (Albrecht). I got buckets on both teams, but that's for a different time.

Let me talk a little about this team.

I'm going to start by saying that we have a SQUAD this year. We may have lost Trey (Burke) and Tim (Hardaway Jr.), but I believe we have players to fill their roles. All the current sophomores are returning and now have the capability to contribute more on and off the court. Plus with the help of the upperclassmen -- Jordan (Morgan), Jon (Horford) and Max (Bielfeldt) -- our team has started rolling. The sophomores are working hard and constantly improving their games, which is going to be scary for our opponents this year.

To help replace the departure of last year's players, Coach Beilein reeled in an amazing freshman class, including Zak, Derrick, Mark (Donnal), Andrew (Dakich), Sean (Lonergan) and yours truly. Zak can score however, whenever. Derrick can see the court exceptionally well, and in the words of Coach Alexander, has a 'court sense like someone familiar.'

Mark can jump the highest out of the entire freshman class and is 6-10, while Sean can dunk harder on a 10-foot hoop than I can on an eight-foot hoop. Lastly, Andrew and I are the best two-on-two teammates since Stockton and Malone. Seriously though, get a two-on-two team and try to beat us, we just don't lose.

I believe I can speak for the team when I say everyone on the team is psyched to be practicing. We have a few practices in the book now and things are starting to click. Coach Beilein has started our skill drills from scratch and is teaching us to play the game the way he likes it to be played.

I mean literally we are starting from scratch. We have been working on how to pass the ball, catch the ball to even trying to teach us how to chew our food correctly. We had our first in-practice scrimmage of the fall last practice, and we looked good. I mean naturally my team won, it could've been because we had Spike, Nik (Stauskas), Glenn and Jon, or it could've because my box outs were very solid. No one will ever know. We will only keep improving, and I will continue to give updates on practices in my upcoming blogs.

Hopefully, you guys enjoy my first blog, and I look forward to writing them this season and for years to come. Well if you can handle them.

P.S. Follow my twitter @cmcconnell4. I know all 570 of my followers are avid followers of my tweets, but I mean who is counting, right?

Stay chill and Go Blue!

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