The Bartelstein Blog: Preseason Tests, The Joke, A Big Question and a Shout Out
Josh Bartelstein

Oct. 14, 2011

What’s up everyone?

It has been a little bit since I last blogged, but that is because we had our basketball "fall break" last weekend so I got to go home one last time. It was great to spend some time with the family! Hopefully the next time we get a weekend off will be right after we get back from New Orleans!

So getting started … let me say this first -- a ton has happened in the last 10 days so let me catch you up.

First of all we had our preseason testing. This comprises of things like Mikan's, pulls up, long range buckets and other drills the coaches test us on to make sure we have been working on our games. In my three years here, this is by far the highest percent of guys who passed their tests on the first try -- definitely a good sign.

We followed that with the gauntlet-conditioning test, which I can proudly say everyone passed on the first try as well. I have talked about the gauntlet before. Even the name sounds awful, it consists of two 17’s (17 trips across the width of the floor in a minute) and an eight (eight trips across the width of the floor in a 30 seconds). If anyone out there can pass that I’d be extremely impressed.

The test that drew the most laughs however was the one we never actually did. This test would be a 20 rep, 185 pound squat test. I need to set up the joke first so that you will understand what happened.

We usually weight lift in two groups -- eight people in the morning and eight people in the afternoon. One day, the morning group thought it would be funny, especially Zack (Novak) and Stu (Douglass), to have our strength coach, Adam Fletcher, text the afternoon group we were doing squat testing today. He knew everyone would be freaking out -- especially Evan (Smotrycz) and Matt (Vogrich).

It worked 100 percent to perfection.

Matt was texting me all day gauging just how hard this would be and thinking about the consequences of not being able to accomplish it. My main man, Evan, did 20 reps of his body weight squats in his dorm room and admitted that it was really hard. Imagine a 6-10 basketball player in a little dorm room doing body weight squats all day -- (HAHA).

They finally found out it was a joke when Coach Sanderson was pumping us up to get it done and just before we were going to start said, "Oh yea just do five reps, we aren't testing." You have never seen a happier group of people!

Changing gears really quickly, I want to ask a very important question. Who do you think has the best twitter on the team? Send your votes to

You must vote for a player because we all know Bacari (Alexander) is like the Beatles on Twitter. Please note that is an extremely serious matter so please vote on who you really think is the best. I can tell you everyone will be waiting on pins and needles for the results.

Now on to a more serious matter -- practice officially starts tomorrow and we are more than ready. You can only accomplish so much during individual sessions, but once you get those 20 hour weeks, the journey really begins. Now that I have been here for a little bit, I can see how the coaches go about building on each day. We start with all the basics and each day build a little more. Everyone always wants to get to the games, but there is a process to getting there.

Key things we have to work on include transition defense, help side defense and of course our magical offense. But every college basketball team is starting at the same point right now. It is the teams that learn the quickest and build on each day that get off to great starts and sustain that all year long. That’s our goal!

Last but not least, the fantasy football update section.

I have been taking a lot of heat for my team struggles, but it is just a health factor. My team is feeling good again and I fully expect to take off now. By far Jordan (Morgan) and Evan think their teams are the greatest things since sliced bread, so I almost feel as good about their teams losing as mine winning. Below are the standings.

Fantasy Standings
Max, 4-1
Evan, 3-2
Zack, 3-2
Matt, 3-2
Jordan, 3-2
Stu, 3-2
Josh, 2-3
Sai, 2-3
Jordan Dumars, 2-3
Blake, 1-4

I will write again next week and have a ton to report on with how practice is going.

It’s a great time to be a Michigan Wolverine with all the excitement going on in athletics. Good luck to football this weekend and Go Blue!

SHOUT OUT: Congrats to Alex Gatof who had the highest reported 50-in-5 of any of the fans with a shocking 63.
(NOTATION: A 50-in-5 is making a minimum of 50 three-pointers in five minutes.)

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