The Bartelstein Blog: Entry 1, Media Day

Oct. 15, 2010

Sophomore guard Josh Bartelstein will give an inside look all season at the 2010-11 version of the Wolverines.

What's up everyone? Hope you all are as excited for the season to start as we are. After we got back from Europe, which was an unbelievable time that we will get into at a later date, sports information director Tom Wywrot asked me about doing a blog this year.

I was a little hesitant at first. Writing a blog is no easy task, plus Mark Titus, who played for that school in Ohio, had a great one. But then I decided it would be a great way to let you guys into my world as a basketball player and as a student.

Everything you see on this blog will be from my perspective as I see it, which could be a good thing or bad thing. If there is anything you want to see on this blog or questions you want answered please send them in to me. My goal is for everyone to understand the life we live and how it is both different and similar to every other student on campus.

You guys will be hearing a lot about Stu (Douglass) and Zack (Novak) in this blog because they are my roommates. We spend a lot of time together from watching our TV shows (we have a lot) to going shopping. Novak looks at clothes online, but does not buy them, while Stu looks at everything online and seems to buy all of it. I think you will see a lot of funny things go on at our house, and I will share as much as I am allowed to share.

Today was media day with the team. You could tell because everyone walked into the locker room with fresh haircuts and a clean shave. Looking clean is essential with Coach B because if you do not look clean then you run the gauntlet. The gauntlet will be referred to a lot. All you need to know is it is a lot of running in a short amount of time.

Matt (Vogrich) and Blake (McLimans) got about one centimeter cut off their hair because they do not want to ruin their look (not sure what exactly their look is). I am pretty sure I got asked the same question in every single way possible during media day. How was Europe? Did you have fun in Europe? Was Europe beneficial for your team? After 40 minutes of answering the same questions over and over, you get a little tired, but we know that it is an important step to starting the season.

After media day, we had an individual with just the guards. Coach Jordan and Coach Meyer put together a really intense 40-minute workout. We got up a lot of shots and did a ton of full speed ball handling. Darius (Morris) can fly with the ball up the court, and when we are doing drills, it is noticeable how fast he is. This was the last workout before the official start of the season. I know everyone is really excited to finish the pre-season work and get onto practice. We officially start Friday (Oct. 15) at 5 p.m.

Stay tuned as I will be coming up with an email address for you to send questions, comments or concerns. We also will have a contest to think of a name for the Blog.

That is all for now as this was just a little introduction. I will come back later in the week with the first official entry. Take care.

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