Cole's World: Practice, Watching Nik & Caris, Dreaded Team Photo
Cole McConnell

Oct. 17, 2013

I'm going to start my second blog with the famous words of Derrick Walton, "what up doe?"

So every time Derrick walks in the locker room it's "what up doe?" When he walks into Coach Beilein's office, "what up doe, coach?" Pretty sure I saw him walk up to Mary Sue Coleman, the president of Michigan, and casually ask her "what up doe?" This last one may (or may not) be true.

Okay, now let's discuss Michigan basketball.

The NCAA has allowed us a few extra weeks to practice so we are in full swing. Practices are competitive, intense and fun. Every drill we compete and work hard. Coach B has practices down to a science. Every minute is accounted for and we accomplish more in two hours than my high school did in a week. No disrespect to my high school coach, Coach B just knows his stuff. We run over plays, work on defense and offense, get shots up, become better ball handlers and scrimmage all in two hours of practice.

Normally, on most days Nik Stauskas and Caris LeVert guard each other in practice. This is a great matchup. If you lived on Earth last year, you know you cannot leave Nik open and if you've ever guarded Caris you've thought to yourself, "this is not going to be fun." When I'm not dropping 30 imaginary points in the scrimmages, I like to watch these two compete and make each other better.

It is fun to watch how both Nik and Caris are incorporating other aspects into their games. Nik is viewed as a shooter but he regularly attacks the rim and somehow makes finishes that I can't even make in 2k. Most people do not realize but he can jump out of the gym. I mean like alley-oop to himself followed by a through-the-legs dunk finish. It's kind of weird really. I swear I can't even do that on a seven-foot hoop.

In comparison, Caris distributes the ball and not only scores regularly but also finds shooters all over the court. Side note, when I get in the scrimmages you will be able to find me chilling in the corner. I am just waiting for Caris to get tired of scoring and pass me the ball so I can get a three up. Also, Caris is a great defensive teammate. Every scrimmage he steals passes, picks someone's pocket or comes in for the weak side block. Stats like these sometimes go unaccounted for, but in order to win games every team needs a player like this.

So in team business, we had our team photo come out a couple days ago and it is hanging in the practice facility. Everyone is always critical of the way they look. I mean Jordan (Morgan) was looking like a 10th-year senior. The Indiana kids were looking really Indy. Andrew (Dakich) didn't realize that he has to smile with his eyes open. Jon (Horford) seemed to be confused whether the picture was a serious or joking picture and kind of got caught in between. Yea, this is a test to see if Jon actually reads my blog. Oh me, I looked good. Don't worry.

A few important topics before I end this blog, I still haven't been dunked on, just throwing that out there. I think the high fliers on the team are scared of my upper body. #foodforthought. Wait they might read this and this thought could change quickly in my next posting.

Stay chill and Go Blue!

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