The Bartelstein Blog: The Killer B's, Be the Voice, Leave the Lights On!
Josh Bartelstein

Oct. 21, 2011

What's up everyone?

The first week of Camp Wolverine is officially in the books. Six straight days of practice and I can say we are off to a great start. The past week was all about making sure we laid the groundwork and each day building off it.

When I talk about groundwork, I mean simple, but vital things like closeouts, defensive rotations and transition defense, just to name a few. If you notice all of those things have a commonality, which is defense. We can score as many points as we want, but if we don't shut people down on the defensive end, all that scoring means nothing. We drill defense everyday and it made a huge difference last year and I think you will see an even bigger one this year.

Our two freshman guards have really impressed me so far. Don't get me wrong they still have a ton to learn, (had to put that in there when they read this) but you can see why they came in so highly regarded. What I like best about both of them is how willing they are to learn. Coach B uses the analogy freshmen need to be like a sponge in soaking up all this knowledge they are receiving. I can tell you every opportunity possible Trey (Burke) and Carlton (Brundidge) have been asking a coach or a teammate a question whenever they need clarification.

On the court, Trey has really impressed me with his ability to pass the ball. He is seeing plays before they happen and making the simple pass. Carlton shoots the ball better than I realized. Everyone talks about his ability to slash and get to the rim, but he can also really shoot. "The Killer B's" will be making Michigan fans happy for a long time!

Okay switching gears for a second. Did you see this?

The Michigan athletics marketing department again showed this week why they are the best with their whole twitter idea. Click on this link if you don't know what I'm talking about -- "Be the Voice of Michigan Basketball."

For one, you get to spend every day around our team so I'm not sure how anyone could reject that, but it is also a pretty cool job to have. I know they have had a ton of applications, so if you want to be the voice of Michigan basketball, send in your tweets and apply as soon as you can!

Off the court, Jordan (Morgan) is trying to get our whole team to watch Paranormal Activity 2 tonight.

I, for one, can tell you there is no way I would ever go see a movie like that. I wouldn't be able to sleep for a week. Simply put -- I just don't do scary movies. I almost went to see the first Paranormal Activity with Jordan two years ago and the next day all he and Corey (Person) talked about was how they had to leave the lights on when they went to sleep because they were so freaked out.

I don't forget those details.

It was a rough week fantasy wise for me again. First, my quarterback gets hurt in the first quarter (thanks Jason Campbell) and then Peyton Hillis decided not to play the second half, so I lost to my arch nemesis Evan (Smotrycz). I wanted to win this week more than any other, but the fantasy gods just don't like me right now. I will rebound however.

The standings after Week 6:
Max 5-1
Evan 4-2
Matt 4-2
Zack 3-3
Jordan M. 3-3
Sai 3-3
Stu 2-4
Blake 2-4
Josh 2-4
Jordan D. 2-4

I'll write again next week after week two of Camp Wolverine. If you have any questions about practice or anything else for that matter, send them in to Have a great week!

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