Court Vision with C.J. Lee: It's All About the Support

Court Vision with C.J. Lee
THURSDAY, OCT.30 - It's All About the Support

I am amazed at how fast everything is going by right now. Don't get me wrong, there are some extremely long days between school and basketball, but it seems like we just came back to school yesterday. Now, we have an exhibition game scheduled for next Thursday. But November is almost here and that means the lights are getting ready to come on. This season is almost underway and it is exciting right now to be a part of it.

Our team is at a point right now where it is critical for us to eliminate outside factors that could negatively impact our season. With us being in the thick of the semester and basketball practice going at full throttle, proper eating and sleeping habits are critical for success.

In order to help with this, Coach Beilein created a Breakfast Club for our players. We meet every Monday and Wednesday at West Quad. This week was my first time in the West Quad cafeteria in two years. I rarely go to West Quad period, other than to drop off our freshman after practice or something. But it was an important and fun time. These little things are so important, even having breakfast.

Everybody has and needs a support system to be a good student athlete. Internally, your teammates, coaches, managers and administrative support staff fill this space. External support can come from a number of different places. My support system undoubtedly consists of my family and friends. Over the course of my college career, the most important thing my family and friends have done for me is believed in me.

I bring this up because as a team, an important thing we can do for each other individually is believe in one another. We need to believe in each other even when we struggle to believe in ourselves. This journey has valleys and peaks, but belief in each other and what we are setting out to do should never waver. Our team needs to ensure this by letting everyone know that they are valuable. They are valuable in the sense that what they bring is unlike anything anyone else can bring to the team.

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