In the Lane with Ron Coleman

As Michigan basketball begins its 2004-05 season, they will feature Ron Coleman, the team's only scholarship freshman. Coleman, a 6-6 wing from Romulus High School, looks to bring his athleticism and a deadly jumper to a team with such offensive stars as Daniel Horton and Lester Abram.

Coleman committed to the Wolverines during his junior season and as many players across the nation broke commitments to join other programs, Coleman remained strong in his belief that Michigan was the place for him.

The University of Michigan should benefit from Coleman's dedication to basketball as well as academics. Coleman, who averaged 21.0 points and 10.7 rebounds during his senior season, was also a Romulus Honor Roll Student. Coleman's on court efforts allowed him to be named to the 2004 Detroit News Class A All-State, All-Metro Basketball and All-Metro West, first teams.

The humble and likable Ron Coleman took a moment to talk about his first semester of college, his adaptation into Big Ten basketball, and comparisons to Wolverine legend Glen Rice.

On his first couple months of school
"School is going good. There is a big adjustment from high school to college, with having homework everyday. It's been easy though, because I take full advantage of study table and getting my work done."

On his favorite class
"I enjoy English 125. I feel it expands my mind with the writing, but I also look forward to Public Speaking too. Public Speaking helps me become more vocal and gets rid of the anxiety I face being in front of a large crowd."

On something you he misses from home
"I miss being at home and being around my family. I also miss playing with my high school teammates. That has to be the thing I miss the most, just living that high school life."

On the biggest influence/role model in his life
"I looked up to a lot of people growing up. I looked to my mom, my uncle, and my grandma. They always gave me advice on what to do and what not to do. They taught me to stay focus and I could achieve whatever I wanted to. "

On his choice to come to the University of Michigan
"I just loved Michigan. When I came up here to visit, I talked to coach Amaker right away. He told me about the school and why he needed me here. He was a very cool, down to earth guy. At all my high school games I would notice the Michigan coaching staff there and that proved to me they really wanted me. Showing that they need me really proved that I needed to be here."

On his decision to make a commitment to UM as a junior
"I never second guessed my decision. I never worried about what other people were doing, I just knew what I wanted to do. I never really looked at any other schools, because I knew Michigan was the one."

On a specific mentor or player who he looks up to
"I talked to Lester Abram a lot. My locker is right next to mine, so I ask him a lot of questions. He lets me know what I need to do, and what other do. He helps me out a lot."

On why he did not play basketball until the seventh grade
"Growing up in Atlanta, I never played organized sports. Around the seventh grade I started to grow and my uncle said I should try out for the basketball team. That's when I started playing basketball and I realized I really liked it and wanted to continue playing in the future."

On the differences between a high school practice and a UM practice
"Practices have been real long. It is a lot of teaching. The coaches teach me how to be quicker, how to play better defense, and how to shoot better. I learn more every time I practice. I view practice as preparing for game day. I go to practice everyday, work hard, and do what the coaches ask me to do."

On how hard it has been physically adapting to the college game
"Physically, I just have to get to a point where my body can handle all the stresses of Big Ten basketball. I have to guard quick guards now and it's tough. In the weight room and conditioning it's tough, but I work through it and get it done."

On what role he is looking to have this season
"I'm trying to provide support to the team and do what the coaches tell me. That's what I'm here for, is to try my best and help out the team in anyway I can."

On things he needs to get better on as the season goes on
"I'm trying to work on defending the ball and not letting the guy beat me with the dribble. I can always get better with quickness and ball handling. A lot of people would guess I would just stand around and shoot all day, but I'm trying to work on my whole game."

On the comparisons to Wolverine great, Glen Rice
"I just play my game. I don't let comparisons add extra pressure to me. I just stick to my game, and if they compare me to Glen Ricewell then that's what they say. I don't let that get on top of me, where I have to prove that I'm a better shooter than Glen Rice."

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