2006-07 BKM vs. Wayne State -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On 22 of the 32 field goals coming off assists ...
"I was very pleased with that, and I was mentioning that to our team just a minute ago. We talk about three things all the time -- great effort, trying to be unselfish and seeing if we can execute. I thought the first two things were there, but execution still needs some work. Certainly, the effort by these kids tonight was tough, and the fact that they were unselfish passing the ball, and looking for the open man and taking care of the ball. We talked about that on the pre-game show. We've got to value the ball because it's a smaller, quicker team. Dion and Jerret both played well at point guard -- nine assists and zero turnovers between both of them -- that's a pretty good effort by us."

On the defensive effort ... "I thought we did well, but I was not impressed that we put them on the foul line so much, especially in the first half. But I thought we gave great effort to guard. I thought we rushed them and had them hurried. We had some blocked shots in the first half. Hopefully we can continue to play that way when we give that kind of effort. But also we need to play a little smarter defensively, and I think as time goes on we will."

On Brent Petway's contribution as a senior ... "I think at the start of the game and the way we were able to bump up the lead was probably attributed to Brent and how he was able to get these guys out of the locker room and ready to play. He did a lot of things behind the scenes. Certainly his play out on the floor and his energy -- he's always an energizing kind of player. We had him on the alley-oop a few times. They came back and took him out of it and made him have to take some free throws, which he's got a lot of work to do on. That was one thing when we were looking at our stat sheet -- we were 50 percent, nine for 18, but our seniors did a nice job."

Senior Wing Lester Abram

On the team's goals for the season ... "We are just looking to get better every day as a team. Today, I thought we played well in stretches. I thought we did a really good job of being unselfish and looking for that extra man, and that led to open shots for our wing players."

On his healthy return and hopes for the season ... "You always expect a full, healthy season, but I just had a couple of unfortunate years in a row. I don't really worry about it when I am out there. I just play the game, and let it come to me. I am just happy we got the win today, though."

Senior Center Courtney Sims

On the success of the offensive gameplan ... "We just want to get the ball inside. They were trying to take away the low post a lot by doubling up. That gave us a lot of opportunities to take threes and we made a lot of our shots today."

On the contribution provided by the freshmen ... "They played very well. They were ready to play and they were excited that it was their first game. They were very excited to get in this game and produce. They came in ready, were fired up, and ran the floor well. They were hungry and played well. I think the future looks bright for Michigan. We have just got to handle business this year, and then I think a lot more people will recognize us."

Freshman Guard Reed Baker

On his first game for Michigan ... "I was a little nervous, being in my first college game, but my teammates really calmed me down. Dion and Jerret really set a good example and I look up to those guys. They really helped me settle down and get into the rhythm of things."

On his long range shooting performance ... "I work on my shot and that is something I consider myself pretty good at. It definitely was not luck because I work hard at it. I was just fortunate to make the shots, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. Tonight, luck was on my side I guess."

Wayne State Coach David Greer

On his overall impressions of the game ... "Well obviously, we were a little unorganized. We got a lot of new faces out there. We've been pretty much trying to work on defense. We haven't done anything organized offensively. Michigan is a tremendous team -- great size. Lester Abram, Dion -- those guys caused a lot of problems, forced a lot of turnovers. It was just a tough game for us all the way around. Obviously, we didn't match up size-wise, and they were able to get a lot of easy baskets in the lane, which created outside shots. They're a top 25 team, so what do you expect."

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