The Bartelstein Blog: iPads, Poets, The First Game and a Big Thank You
Josh Bartelstein

Nov. 2, 2011

PDC Unveiling

What's up everyone? I'm back.

As I'm sure most of you have heard already, we have officially moved into the PDC (Player Development Center). There are pictures and videos all over the Michigan Facebook page and that you need to check out. I'm sure in the coming days more will be put up.

I have seen a lot of facilities over the years from college all the way to the pros and I can honestly say nothing is as nice as our facility. Everything is top notch from the offices to the film room (more like a movie theatre) to the locker room (we each have our own iPad) to the hot and cold tubs in the training room. Everything is perfect.

The iPad's are going to be used for a ton of different things. For one, they are our locker name plates but more importantly they will be used for scouting reports and breaking down video. Instead of printing out hundreds of pages of paper, everything will be on our iPad.

We can watch clips of practice or games and break down player tendencies. For some people like Eso (Akunne) and Corey (Person) the most important function will be blasting their rap music. You can hear them a mile away because they will be laughing and singing some rap song I personally can't even understand.

Expanding on that, Michigan basketball is very diverse. Not only are we into music, but we also chant poetry. No I'm not kidding, we have a tradition the night before each game that we call our position coach and say a poem that proves we are ready for the game.

We had a trial session this weekend before a big practice and Sai (Tummala) took it to a whole new level. Most of the time people will say a simple poem like "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I'm ready for tomorrow and I know you are too."

Well Sai being the great poet he is, researched a Robert Frost poem, and chanted it off to Coach Meyer, something I can guarantee in all Coach Beilein's years has never be done. I think it is safe to say we have a young Ernest Hemingway on our team.

Now back to the actual game of basketball.

We are really excited to play our first exhibition game on Friday (Nov. 4) against Wayne State. We want to show off all the hard work that has been put in the last three weeks and play against someone other than ourselves.

I'm also excited to see all the fans that are in for a big surprise with their first look at Crisler. I have a feeling Crisler is going to be rocking on Friday night! We know there is hockey that night as well, but we cannot wait to see you all there.

Next blog I promise to answer all the questions that have been posted and even include some of your comments. Keep sending them in to

The fantasy standings are staying away from the blog this week for personal reasons, but they will be back in better times.

Also, I plan on giving away some tickets to home games this year so to see how you can win tickets to our games stay tuned!!

Next time out, I will break down the game against Wayne State!

Until then, Go Blue!

AN IMPORTANT P.S. -- My teammates and I need to thank everyone who had a part in making this facility possible. We were talking last night how much we take for granted some times, however, we really appreciate all the work that went into the PDC and promise to show our gratitude on the court. So to the university, Dave Brandon, the entire athletic department, donors, all our coaches, the workers, architects and anyone else who helped make this possible, a huge THANK YOU!

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