2005-06 BKM vs. Grand Valley State -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On the first game of the season ... "Obviously we have a long way to go. I felt we did some really good things in stretches. I was very impressed with Grand Valley State. Their quickness really bothered us on the perimeter. We didn't want to change as much because we needed to work against their kind of quickness. I think we need to get better at having help-side defense even though ordinarily we would have pulled back and tried to change defenses. I was trying to see what we could do against them.

"I thought there were some really good stretches. At the start of the second half we did some good things extending the lead to over 20 points. I was really pleased with Chris Hunter's production. I thought he really gave us some solid minutes. Obviously we turned the ball over way too many times. Some of those they forced and others I was just scratching my head wondering what we were thinking.

"All in all, I thought it was what we were going to get out of this opportunity to go against a really good program that was going to fight and scrap and come at us really hard. It was a really good opportunity for us to learn and get better before our game next Friday."

On the different lineups ... "We are trying different combinations and that is what these games are for. Playing some of the freshman you could see where they did some nice things for us and then in the second half where they hit the wall a little bit. As we learn more about our young players and how they fit in, we'll get a better semblance of our rotation and what they can do in a game situation."

U-M Senior Guard Daniel Horton

On the team a playing game after practicing for weeks ... "It felt good to get out there and finally go against another team, another program and to run stuff and challenge us. They did that."

On what the team did well today ... "We played well at times. I think we still have a lot of room for improvement and we still have a lot of things to work on. I think we shot free throws well and we executed at times but there are a couple of game situations that we need to work on."

U-M Senior Forward Chris Hunter

On his intensity ... "I just wanted to come in and try to help the team, come off the bench with a little spark. Usually that role is for Brent Petway but I'm trying to fill his void a little bit and just come in and do whatever defensively. Offensively, I just tried to make some things happen as well."

On Daniel Horton's and the team's performance ... "He played well. It's kind of the story of the team today, we played well at times and sometimes we played kind of sloppy, so it's something to go in and work at. It's good to see him back and good to see everybody back on the floor, playing and competing."

U-M Freshman Guard Jerret Smith

On his first game in a Michigan uniform ... "It was okay. I have to get use to the whole pace of college basketball. It's a big change from high school basketball so the pace is something to get use to. The team accepted me, put me under their wing and showed me how it really happens. The team helped me a lot to get ready for this game."

On providing a spark off the bench in the first half with an exciting lay up ... "It wasn't just me that helped with the spark. We had people on the boards which got to the outlet which got to me. If the center doesn't get the rebound, I don't get the lay up. So really everybody contributed to the spark it wasn't just me. I just happened to be the point guard at that time."

Grand Valley State Head Coach Ric Wesley

On the team's performance ... "I was happy the way we played the second half. The first half we were too tentative, we turned the ball over 15 times which was way too much. We gave them an awful lot of easy baskets. The second half we did a better job, we calm down, took care of the ball, and ran the offensive better, and made them shot a lot more from the outside.

On how this game will better prepare the team for this season ... "For us it is a chance for us to play a team that is more talented than us, we don't face that kind of size or that kind of athletic ability every night in our league. It is just a chance to see what we are made out of and see how we fair against a tough opponent. Hopefully it will give us some confidence that we can perform against a team like the caliber of Michigan and should be able to do the same against our opponents in our league.

On the impact this game will have on the program at Grand Valley State ... "Well Grand Valley is a great place, we have a great school, a great campus, and all of our athletic teams are doing tremendous. I don't know if we need any help in terms of boosting our program, but it is a good broadcast and great experience for our kids. I don't know if it will affect our program, but hopefully it will and be a springboard for better things to come for our season."

GVSU Guard Jason Jamerson

On the game today and the team's performance ... "We came out pretty confident in ourselves and that we can perform against a team like Michigan. Michigan was prepared for us, they came out strong and we came out pretty weak in the first half, but turned it around in the second half."

On how his performance against Michigan will help him in the future ... "It is going to help and hurt me a little bit. It's going to hurt because I think teams will be focusing on me a little more, because I can shoot. Its going to help me, because it boosted up my confidence and my teammates will look up to me, like they did tonight."

On how will this game help the team for future games ... "As far as the future this helps us a lot, its gets our confidence up, and help us prepare for any game we play in the future."

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