Postgame Quotes: Michigan 81, Saginaw Valley State 55

Michigan Head Coach John Beilein

On the game... "I don't think I was surprised at all by the closeness of the first half. Just watching them play last year, knowing the quickness that they have, we were going to have trouble adjusting to that. Basically we had to say, okay, we are going into a zone to just change things up because they were going to get to the foul line and it was going to put us in trouble. I am pleased that we ended up getting through a game where we were uninjured and we are going to learn a lot from the film. I'm just pleased with our effort. I thought it was very good."

On the positives of tonight's game... "I feel good about some things. I do know that -- you know I am a big tape-watcher -- we can watch the tape now and some of it will be great play. This is what we are talking about, and the other one will be we told you so, this can happen. That's what I like about the exhibition games so much. You learn so much from it without a tremendous amount on the line. I'm glad we got everybody in there, who knows if someone like Corey Person will ever get in there again, so it's just good for him to have the opportunity to get in there because they work so hard in practice. I am pleased that we shot the ball well and if we can make 10 threes in a game, it's usually a good sign."

On Stu Douglass' confidence shooting the ball... "He'll probably drive me crazy with that confidence. My son drove me crazy, but I have a rule, as long as it goes in I say it's okay. But we want it to go in."

On the lineup... "I've always been a big guy with making sure that we have people coming off the bench. We're in some transition now with doing some things with DeShawn (Sims) and Zack (Gibson) that we're not really sure of a lot of things. So we just said let's bring some people off the bench, it's an exhibition game, let's have the right mixes on the floor and then try to figure out during the game what is going to work best during the real games."

U-M Junior Forward DeShawn Sims

On the game... "At times we played quick and we played fast, and sometimes we showed spurts of playing better than we did last year. All we are doing is going out and working hard. I thought we had great hustle. We miscommunicated a few times, but our hustle was there."

On halftime adjustments... "This was our first time in a game setting in almost a year, so we kind of worked our way into getting back in game shape. We saw the speed we needed to play at because practice speed and game speed are on totally different levels."

On his post play... "I am just getting comfortable down there. I'm playing down there a lot in practice against seven-footers like Ben (Cronin), Zack (Gibson) and Eric (Pulls), and it is pretty tough, so usually I am prepared to go out there and bang every day."

U-M Fifth-year Senior Guard David Merritt

On the contest... "We made a lot of mistakes today. The score didn't really show the tough game that it was for most of the game, but a win is a win, so we can take that away. I think we ran the ball pretty well. We got up and down the floor in the second half. Coach is trying to preach to us that if we can run, we can get some easy buckets. We didn't have to run our offense as much, but defensively, we have to be much better next week."

On the halftime agenda... "We mostly talked about rebounding and defensive rotation. They had, I think, seven offensive rebounds in the first half, and we can't allow that, especially on our home floor. Rebounding and defensive rotation are going to be very important for us, so the defense was a discussion."

On the zone defense... "I think the zone helped us a lot. It was a different pace. We got some turnovers and some easy buckets, so the zone was a pretty effective defense. I think they scored just three or four times on it."

On the team's outside shooting... "We have got some shooters now. We have been working pretty hard over the summer, and with the additions of Stu (Douglass) and Zack (Novak), who are both three-point threats, the shots were falling in the first half. We just need to keep working on it so we can be a good three-point shooting team."

U-M Freshman Guard Stu Douglas

On playing his first game... "It felt really good. There weren't a whole lot of fans, but I still felt the energy. It just felt really good to finally put on that Michigan jersey, to start playing and get the season going."

On learning during the game... "I just have to let things come to me. I think I did that relatively well. I was pretty comfortable after coming through all these practices and learning the offense. It has gotten a whole lot better from day to day. This was a whole other learning experience, but it was good out there. I wasn't too nervous or shaky."

On improving... "I have to take everything I can from each day to make myself a better player and to make myself the player that Coach Beilein wants me to be. Any little thing I can pick up from coach, from the players or from the experience. I just have to keep my eyes open."

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