2004-05 BKM vs. Michigan Tech -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the defense ... "We talked about having the presence of mind to pressure the ball and defend the ball without fouling. I think we did that very well. We didn't bail them out. Overall, it was very positive on that end. I think when we are able to turn the ball over and get great effort on the defensive end, it translates into offense for us. I was really pleased with the team effort in our first time out. We talked at halftime about trying to not let Michigan Tech get above 50 points. I was really pleased that we were able to lock into that goal. We held them to 19 points in the second half. That's a good basketball team and we recognize the championship level program that they have and how difficult they are going to be in Division II. We are really respectful of what they have been able to accomplish."

On protecting the ball ... "I think hopefully we'll be a team that shows maturity in that category from, a year ago when we kind of chalked it up to youth and immaturity. We have grown now and we've seen the fruits of our labor in teaching and coaching that. They did a nice job this afternoon of caring for the ball."

On getting blocks and altering shots ... "It was very important. We always remind our players about Bill Russell who said, 'I may only block four shots, you just don't which four.' We try to mention to our guys that if you are able to block one or two and you have a presence in there, you change shots and make them realize that you are in there. That's just as good at times as a block because you are taking away their concentration on trying to score. We are able to do that down low with our length and big guys to have a presence."

Junior Daniel Horton

On the first game ... "I think we had great effort and played really good defense. We just wanted to come out and play better against them than we did last year. Last year we didn't do too well. This year was wanted to come out with more intensity and more energy and play better defense."

On if there is any rust with the first game ... "Not too much. They are constantly moving. They cut pretty had on offense and it makes it tough to guard them. I think we imposed our will on them a little bit, sped up the game and made them take a couple of shots they probably wouldn't normally take. I think we have to do a little better on defensive rebounding, but we'll be all right."

On where the team can improve offensively ... "We just have to finish. I think we got the shots we wanted to offensively, we just have to finish. We have to knock down open shots. We had a few of them that went in and out. In the post, the shots the guys in the post got, were great shots. Those are the types of shots we want. If we keep getting those shots all the time we're going to be pretty good because they will start finishing those shots."

Sophomore Courtney Sims

On the first game ... "It was good. Michigan Tech is a tough team. They played really well. They came here to win, so we had to step up our game a lot. They executed well and we had to stick together to pull it out."

On the low-post offense ... "That is how our offense is now. We see that we are a year older and a lot stronger with out post players. That's one of the things we concentrate on everyday in practice. We're going to be dominate down low. That is one of our goals, to be the best post team in the Big Ten."

On the defense ... "I think we just picked up the intensity on defense. We just tried to shut them down from getting the ball around the three-point line and passing it around. We just picked up our intensity and continued to work hard on defense."

Freshman Ronald Coleman

On his first game ... "It was good. I think we played well. I felt good out there. I felt like I adjusted well. Before the game I was nervous, but that went away after the game started."

On his first basket ... "It felt good. It got me going after that."

On what he did well and what he needs to improve on ... "I think I played defense well. We all played defense well. We had players always talking on defense and I think I did that well. I executed and gave a lot of effort out there today."

Michigan Tech coach Kevin Luke

On the game ... "This was an awesome opportunity for us. Michigan is such a quality program and for them to just give us a chance to play against them is just outstanding."

On Michigan Tech's poor shooting day ... "The reason we shot so poorly was because of Michigan's defense. They defended us very well and they did an excellent job on our two seniors, Josh Buettner and Jason Marcotte. Michigan really did a great job on Buettner. He's scored a lot of points in his career, and I know for a fact he has not been blocked that many times."

On how to use this game in the future ... "We really got some great things out of this game. We're not going to play anyone as athletic as Michigan. At times we did great and at times the pressure overwhelmed us. We have to work on our weaknesses and learn from this game. If we don't take something from this game, it's our problems as coaches and the players are being negligent too."

Michigan Tech Sophomore Radayl Richardson

On what this game meant to Michigan Tech ... "This game meant a lot to Michigan Tech. We are one of the top teams in Division II, but Michigan is one of the best in the Big Ten. Michigan has some of the best athletes in the country, so today was a real challenge for us."

On how the Huskies can use this game to get better ... "We can always look back on this game, because we feel we can play with anybody. We are not going to play anyone this talented all year, and if we can play with Michigan we can play with anyone. We felt we played all right; we just didn't hit enough open shots."

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