2006-07 BKM vs. CCSU -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan coach Tommy Amaker

On struggling through the first half "We certainly didn't play like we've been playing in the exhibition games and our practices, in the first half. I thought our guys got a little anxious and excited, which can lead to some bad decisions and poor decisions. We certainly saw that in the first half. I was impressed that we settled down and moved the ball better against the zone, in the second half. We tried to value the ball a little more, I don't know if we did by just looking at the stats. But it was certainly nice to see Dion Harris get on track offensively a little bit by making some shots. I thought Courtney (Sims) played well even though got in foul trouble early, I thought he did a good job on the backboard."


On playing against the zone-defense "We anticipate that we will see it a little bit more as we go along the early part of the schedule and I'm anticipating that we will shoot better against it as well. We need to get if off the backboard sometimes when we miss those long jump shots, so hopefully we can get on the offensive glass."


On the play of Dion Harris "We need him to play well and it's obvious that when his game is in sync we are a much better team. He was in a nice rhythm today and didn't force any shots. I thought he looked very comfortable out there and took the shots when they were there. He played a good, solid, all-around game. I was really impressed and please with how he played."


On the delay prior to the game "It probably did and it's our first game, so all of that combined didn't allow it to go as smooth as we wanted it to go. I was pleased that we settled down and dug in defensively and held their shooting to 24 of 25-percent shooting from the floor. I think they shot 15-percent or so at the half. I was pleased with how hard they played and we need to execute a little bit better, be a little sharper and value the basketball."

Senior Guard Dion Harris  

On the delay before tipoff "I don't think it had an effect on the team, but prior to the game we were just in here patiently waiting. I didn't realize it was an hour delay, but we knew we were in here (the locker room) for a longer period of time. It might have affected our energy coming out initially, but I don't think so, because we didn't even know the extent of the delay."

On the second half scoring surge "In the second half we just attacked the zone better. We got the ball inside, into the middle, and penetrated the ball a lot better. That was the difference."

On his three-point performance "The times I was open for three pointers, I just think there was good ball movement. We penetrated and found the open man. Luckily I was open a couple times and knocked the shot down."

Junior Wing Ron Coleman

On if the delayed tipoff affected the team "No we just knew we needed to stay loose and go out there with the energy that we go out there with all the time."

On his low-post scoring effort "That's just how the game came to me. I just waited for the game to come to me and let me teammates get me the ball. They did a good job of giving me the ball in the middle of the zone which resulted in me just knocking down shots."

On Michigan's second half production "We had to step it up against the zone and move the ball more. We were playing a little bit sloppy in the first half. We just needed to start finding the open guys and get a decent shot."

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