2001-02 BKM vs. Nike Elite (ex) -- quotes

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement ... "We certainty showed two different halves of a basketball game, getting ourselves down 14 in the first half. I thought our defense was not what we needed it to be. I think it was obvious that our transition defense really hurt us. I thought they did a great job of capitalizing at times when we did not rotate back and get guys back in position to defend on the other end. They scored a lot of easy baskets. I was real pleased how we fought back in the second half. I felt we showed a lot of determination and heart battling back to tie the score. Never getting the lead was a crucial thing that we were never able to get over the hump and finally get the lead and put a little game pressure on them. I was fairly pleased. We certainty didn't make shots, and that is something that we are going to have to do offensively to become a good team and be successful and competitive this year. For us to get 74 shots compared to their 57, I was a little surprised to see that. Nonetheless, we have to make shots and we need that kind of energy and effort defensively that we showed in the second half."

On LaVell Blanchard's ankle injury ... "He tried it in warmups and did not feel comfortable. We made the decision not to play him because he did not think he could go. He was prepared to play until he twisted the other ankle, a different ankle, yesterday in practice. We just keep giving him treatment. He wears his ankle braces, which you get taped or wear braces, and he has done that every day. We are going to do the best we can to get him healthy for Friday (against Oakland)."

On Josh Moore ... "I thought he did a decent job. He made a presence there in the second half. I think it is going to be interesting to see at times how fast the game is played how long he is going to be able to stay on the floor with us. I thought the game was a much quicker game, they have a lot of smaller guys that they played. At times you can see that is going to be a different matchup for him. He is not in the best of shape given his medical condition. I was pleased to see him score the ball when we threw it inside and finish with the free throw to convert the three-point play."

On Bernard Robinson Jr. ... "I thought he gave us a shot in the arm coming off the bench. I thought he was active. We want Bernard to be three things -- active, athletic and aggressive. I thought he was very much those three A's today. It is important that he continue to give us that kind of play, whether he starts or comes off the bench. To be active, to be aggressive and to be athletic is the calling card of Bernard."

Junior Guard Gavin Groninger

On the game ... "I felt pretty good. I think we are in good shape as a team. We just had a little letdown in the first half and we cannot do that."

On the difference between two exhibition games ... "The shots just were not falling and that is going to happen on occasions. You try to make up in other areas when your shot is not falling. That is about the only difference."

On the team going into the regular season ... "I think we are ready. This was a wakeup call for us and we know that we cannot allow teams to make big runs on us."

Freshman Forward Chuck Bailey

On his first start ... "It was really good. I really was not worried. I just gave it my all and played as hard as I could. I tried to do all of the little stuff that counts and helps the team out."

On his role on the team ... "I have no problem doing all the of little things, not being the first option on offense. I am willing to do whatever helps the team to win."

Nike Elite Coach Glenn Sergent

On comparing Michigan and Penn State ... "Penn State has a lot of problems. They are young and they lost four of their five starters. (Tyler) Smith is back but they are a different ball club. They have a long way to go. That is not a real strong club. Michigan is a very athletic team. They are young, too, but a year from now they will be very good. There is no comparison. Michigan is far more talented plus they came from 14 points down at the half. Next thing you know the score was tied."

On Michigan's second-half interior defense ... "The coaching staff obviously got after them. I've known Tommy Amaker for 15 years. I tried to recruit him out of college. He obviously chewed on them at halftime. He probably was just saying guys we are not playing tough enough defense, 'in your face' defense. They did in the second half and that's what happened in the second half. They got it down to one point real quick and made a ball game out of it. You like to see kids do that. They showed a lot of guts."

On three-point shooting ... "Our structured offense is not like a college team. One of the things we do you might call it bailing out. If we don't get a good shot that is what we shoot. We have perimeter shooters so we shoot a lot of three-pointers."

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