2005-06 BKM vs. Northern Michigan -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the turnover to assist ratio highlighting the box score ... "It's right to make that analysis right away - 22 assists to 11 turnovers - that's the first thing I look at. I was truly pleased and impressed with how we valued the ball from last game. A week ago we had 25 turnovers, so that thing turned upside down, this time we're turned right side up I should say. Twenty-two assists, 11 turnovers - very pleased with our entire team with completely unselfish play."

On the defense ... "I thought obviously with bigger and more athletic players that we had, I thought we wore them down. At the start of the second half, they came out and gave us a little quick shot there and kind of put us on our heels and made a run there in terms of them getting some momentum. But I thought we really got our composure back and played incredibly aggressive defensively but also discipline where we didn't blow them out as much as we did at the beginning of the second half. So I thought our defensive pressure and our big bodies really wore them down."

On Daniel Horton ... "I thought he had a great game. I think it started with his ability to pressure the ball - he read passing lanes really well. You talk about steals - the steals weren't coming on the ball. We were reading passing lanes very well and I think he was the best at it for us exceedingly. So it was nice to see our players have that carry-over from practice and the things that we were preaching and teaching. To see them getting some success out of it on the court in a game situation. I thought him getting five steals, four assists and one turnover, he was a complete player this evening."

On Ron Coleman ... "Well, I thought he got some confidence. I think Ron is a very streaky player - we saw that tonight. Made a couple of shots and then it seemed like everything was going to go down for him. So, he needed that. He hadn't been playing as well in the last game and didn't play well until he got into a rhythm offensively. They went into a zone, which is a great opportunity for Ron to be effective for us because he's such a good shooter. So that helped us a little bit, so I thought he found some openings there, but his teammates were really unselfish to find him, but he had to deliver."

On getting so many guys in the game ... "Well, it's really nice for team chemistry and unity when you can have a lot of guys play. Because all of them practice all the time, so now you have an opportunity to see a lot of those guys get out there and get a few minutes here and there. That does wonders for the psyche and the chemistry of our team and those kids deserve it. They've done a really nice job in practice. I was very pleased how we faced the game, they played our style, our way, didn't get caught up in the score or the crowd or anything like that. We continued to play solid basketball and do the things we were supposed to do."

On this being a fun game ... "Well, it was. I think our kids felt like it was fun to play and we had a wide margin there. But I was impressed with our discipline throughout to continue to play the right way. Certainly, to mention as a fan perspective. We want to have a style that is fun for our kids to play and entertaining and fun for our fans to watch and to witness. So I thought both elements were entertaining."

U-M Senior Guard Daniel Horton

On the difference from the first exhibition game ... "I think we came out today and we were hungry. We were more prepared than we were last game, as far as mentally being prepared as a team, being focused and ready to play. We still had a lull at the beginning of the second half but for the most part, it was a great team effort."

On getting easy baskets off turnovers ... "We should continue to get some baskets like that if we keep being in position and do the things that we are taught to do."

U-M Senior Forward Graham Brown

On the difference in points in the paint ... "I think it all comes from our guards looking for us. We went down there in the post position, the guards did a great job finding us, and we were able to get some easy baskets."

On the teams focus heading into the regular season ... "I think we always focus on getting better. Everyday we try to get better and try to get the ball rolling for the first regular season game coming up next week. We're just trying to get better every game and keep improving."

U-M Freshman Guard Jerret Smith

On the balanced scoring attack ... "We've got a lot of good players on this team. When we play team ball, we're capable of doing anything."

On what the team needs to improve on before the regular season begins ... "There are always things you need to work on so you can't focus in on one thing. We're going to work on everything. Everybody is looking out for each other and it's making us that much better."

Northern Michigan Head Coach Dean Ellis

On the game ... "We need to work on our X's and O's a little bit. We sat in zone, which we would never sit in a normal situation. It's an exhibition game and we are learning as we go and I'm sure our second game would be much better."

On how Michigan responded from its first exhibition game ... "They did a great job and that's what happens in your second game. You make adjustments. You find out how your players are going to react in game situations and obviously they were not happy about the way they reacted against Grand Valley. They ran a lot of good plays and the pressure got to us."

NMU Junior Forward Ricky Volcy

On the game's impact ... "This game was all about improvement. We knew that Michigan played their first game already and you always get better in the second game. For us they got better their second game, and for us it's our first game. It sets the pace for us and we know what level we got to get our game to and to make sure for our next game we get better."

On the team's performance ... "It's our first game and right now we have to make a couple of adjustments. We were a little bit lazy on getting back on defense. We had difficulties getting back on defense. It's a learning game. We have a couple of new guys who got a lot of minutes today, its a transformation."

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