2006-07 BKM vs. Davidson -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan coach Tommy Amaker

On the game against Davidson ... "Davidson is an outstanding team and we mentioned in the pre-game show that they are a program that expects to win. We anticipated getting a terrific start by their ball club and I think their ball club is a team that will be reckoned with around the country this season. I was very pleased with our team. We got down 22-16, I believe, and we battled back and did a nice job in the first half to gain the lead. We did some good things. We have to play this ballgame all the way through it. I though we grew up a little bit and I say that even though we have some veteran players, but even some young guys got quality minutes at some critical points."

On the defensive effort slowing down Davidson ... "In all honestly I though we clamped down a little tighter defensively. I thought we got a couple steals and some run outs and got some fast break points. We didn't have to struggle offensively and kind of do it in the half-court set. We got out of the transition and scored a few buckets and I thought that gave us some more energy on the defensive end. Those were the things that turned it around for us. We got a few steals and trapped the ball a couple times and got a few steals off the ball. We coach and teach that and it worked. Our guys were really good at anticipating that and that put us in a good position."

On grading the Wolverines performances during the first two games ... "When we get a chance to look at the stat sheet and some film we will be able to officially grade our performance. There were some really good things that we accomplished -- with the minutes (Brent) Petway got getting 13 rebounds and Courtney (Sims) being a really big post target and making his free throws. There just were some really positive things for our team. We used our zone a lot in the second half and I think that helped us and got us a little rest because Jerret Smith and Lester Abram fouled for us. So we were in foul trouble throughout the ballgame. So, our zone helped us. A lot of positives we can take from it, but give Davidson a lot of credit. They are a really fine basketball team."

On the challenge of playing three games in three days ... "It's nice to be 2-0. We have done some good things in some different halves to become 2-0. Now, we have the final game tomorrow against our neighbor right next door - in Eastern Michigan. The player's all know each other, we play at each other's gyms - where they come over here and play and we head over there and play. Obviously we are familiar with their coaching staff, so it will be an opportunity for both programs to pitch it up tomorrow and have some fun."

Senior Center Courtney Sims

On early rebounding troubles ... "Basically every one (on Davidson) was going to the glass, even the guards. They were shooting and missing some long shots, which created long rebounds. They had everybody going towards the glass and it just turned into a tip drill. They might have came out a little scrappier than us. They did a good job. They are a tough team and they were more active than us in the first four minutes."

On Davidson's defense ... "(Central Connecticut State University) played zone-defense last night, so we were prepared for it. I think coach (Amaker) prepares us for everything. We go through everything in practice, so that we don't have to learn it in the middle of a game. When we see stuff, we know it and recognize it, because coach has prepared us well for it."

On scoring a majority of his points after the half ... "I just knew I had to become aggressive at the end of the first half. I told my team I needed the ball more, because I think I wasn't involved enough. I made sure they knew that and they looked for me. Brent (Petway) looked for me starting off and got me the ball with a lot of high-low passes. So he started it off."

Junior Forward Ron Coleman

On Davidson's strong early rebounding ... "They crashed the boards really hard. We weren't boxing them out, we were just looking for the ball. They did a great job getting on the glass."

On playing three games in three days ... "It's not tough, we just have to get out rest and be ready to compete tomorrow. It's good for us to get these games in early in the season and figure out how we handle it. Down the stretch and making it to the tournament, or in any tournament, you have to be prepared for it."

On the teams' 50-percent shooting percentage ... "It is a good shooting percentage, but we always want to get better. We want to work to get better and we would love to have a better shooting percentage the next game. Unfortunately we didn't have a higher one this game, but we came in and got the win."

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