Bartelstein Blog: One Game at a Time, The Cold Tub King, Fantasy Sorrows
Josh Bartelstein

Nov. 11, 2011

What's up everyone?

The season has officially arrived. Our first game that counts on our record is tonight (Friday, Nov. 11) against Ferris State. We cannot wait to get out on the court in front of our fans and tip off the new season. It is a very exciting time because every team has goals ahead of them they think they can achieve and we are no different. We have big goals we plan to accomplish this year, but it all happens one game at a time.

Before anything else, I have give a big shout out to our fans who showed up in big numbers first the exhibition game. It was by far the most fans we have had since I've been here for an exhibition and you guys were really loud. I always tell people we have the loudest home court advantage in the Big Ten and you proved me right again. I can't wait to see how loud it is going to be tonight.

Since our exhibition game last Friday (Nov. 4), we have had in my opinion are best week of practice this year. We went really hard, cleaning up some things from the game but also just working on keys to us having success this year. Coach Beilein always says the biggest jump in your learning curve comes after that first exhibition game and I think he is 100 percent right.

A funny thing has happened now that we are officially moved into the PDC.

Corey Person has joined the movement of getting in the cold tub after practice. For the first two years I have been here, the coaches after practice have always said get in the cold tubs and almost never would Corey get in them. The tubs were not "cool" by any means. Now that we have these huge cold and hot tubs, Corey pretty much lives in them. The only person who spends more time in them is Evan (Smotrycz), but he is almost an exclusive hot tub guy. You would think he was on vacation in the Caribbean sometimes.

From a fantasy standpoint, these first eight weeks have been very hard on me. I've lost hours of sleep and it has been hard to focus in class -- no not really.

I thought I drafted not a good but a great team. My issues are as follows: First Peyton Hillis decided he didn't want to play this year and every time he practices he re-inures his hamstring. Miles Austin has not only pulled his left hamstring but then later pulled his right. Hakeem Nicks pulled his hamstring. Do you see a pattern yet? Not to mention Philip Rivers is playing like he has no hamstrings. So these are my excuses for my struggles.

Below are the standings:
Max: 8-1
Evan: 6-3
Zack: 5-4
Matt: 5-4
J-Mo: 5-4
Stu: 4-5
Sai: 4-5
Blake: 3-6
Josh: 3-6
Dumars: 2-7

On a very important note, I will be giving four tickets away to our game this Thursday (Nov. 17) against Western Illinois.

Write into the blog at about why you deserve the tickets and I will determine the winner then. Good Luck!

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