2006-07 BKM vs. UW-Milwaukee -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the play of Courtney Sims and Brent Petway ...
"There was no question those two guys were aggressive for us tonight. Brent with 13 points and 11 boards, and was in foul trouble a lot of the game, while Courtney, in particular, was very aggressive tonight. We had the size advantage and we tried to take advantage of that. The difference for us, if you look at the stats sheet, we held them to a low field goal percentage overall. We couldn't make a three-point shot. We only made one for the entire evening. I think that was the difference in us not being able to pull away when we had chances to kind of open up a little bit of a larger margin. Again, Courtney and Brent, what an outstanding performance; both of those kids get a double-double."

On Michigan getting 17 offensive rebounds ... "It's very impressive and it's so deflating when you get that many of them and you can't convert. That's the other side of it. It's one thing to get them, you're excited about that, then it's almost like the air has been let out of the balloon when we can't put it back in the goal to finish it. But that's the first step; getting there and getting them. That's a good sign for our team."

On only hitting one three-point shot ... "We want to play inside-out. We certainly had a good post presence this evening. But we certainly want to have a good balance as well. Dion (Harris) was the only perimeter player that scored significant points for us. I thought Lester (Abram) did a nice job adding six assists, that's unusual for Les. But not getting enough opportunities for him to get to the line to score and Ron Coleman played 29 minutes with two rebounds and two points, we need more production there."

On the bench going scoreless tonight ... "We didn't go into the bench very deeply into the second half. Part of that is that we didn't go to them and the other part is that they didn't really give us much in the first half. I am concerned with us better balance. I think that's the key for us right now. If we can have an inside-outside attack and production, I think our team is going to be good this year. When have just one, we can be very average."

Senior Center Courtney Sims

On his strong second-half inside presence ... "I just did not want to lose. In the past we went through some stuff, like losing to Boston University and how that affected is making it into the tournament. I thought about that at halftime and really did not want to lose. I just wanted to do whatever I could so I would not have any regrets tomorrow. I missed a few shots in the beginning that I would usually make and we were not getting rebounds. Brent (Petway) picked it up on the glass and was in foul trouble for much of the game. He played clutch and had some big blocks and that really helped us."

On Wisconsin-Milwaukee's scoring ability ... "They are a tough team. You have got to give them a lot of credit. I don't think we played that badly. They are just a tough team; they go to the glass, they get second-chance opportunities, and they knock down shots. History shows that they have made the tournament a few times and have knocked off some big teams.  They beat Boston College. You have got to give them a lot of credit."

Senior Guard Dion Harris

On Michigan's low long-range shooting percentage ... "I think early on we were rushing it a little -- just shooting too quickly and not letting the offense come to us as a team. That is what happens when we do that. You tend to shoot poorly when you are rushing things and not letting the offense come to you. They play the type of defense where they don't really pressure. They just play up to the three-point line. I don't think it was their defensive pressure, I just think it was us not letting the offense happen."

On the senior leadership ... "I think with us it is a group effort. We all kind of chip in the same things, and I think that is what happened in the second half. I think that is how we got the lead and kept it and really finished the game out strong. I think everyone chips in by example, and by voice."

On what to take away from the game for the season ... "I don't think all the games are going to be easy. The first three games we won by a lot of points. All of them are not going to be easy though. This was a tournament team and they have had a lot of success. It was just a hard-fought game and you are going to have some like that."

Senior Forward Brent Petway

On Michigan's halftime adjustments ... "We had to be tougher. They were getting all the loose balls. That is something we pride ourselves on -- being the toughest team and winning the hustle, and they were kind of beating us on that. We had to get defensive boards and give those little bumps. If somebody blocked a shot, we had to be the team to go get it. We knew we just needed to get tougher for the last part of the game."

On his double-double, despite late foul trouble ... "As far as the scoring part, I give credit to all my guards. They look out for me, try to get me close to the basket and hook me up with lobs like when Dion (Harris) got me. As far as rebounding, that is another we pride ourselves on -- being the first to ball off the glass and on the floor. That is just what we all stress. We know we have to get the defensive boards to be able to run like we want to stay on the offensive glass -- that is how you show that you are hungry. That is something that everybody has got to do." 

UW-Milwaukee Head Coach Rob Jeter

On the performance of the team tonight ... "It's a young team. They're going to have their highs and lows. I thought tonight was headed in the right direction. But again, we had some time to practice, some time to work on our game. I think by doing that, we've looked a little better. There was that stretch in the second half. We're up five (points) and then we're down six. There were five or six turnovers in a row -- that really was the difference."

On getting behind early in the game ... "It's happened to us before so it's nothing we can shy away from. It happened in some of our earlier games, so we just need to learn how to fight back and find a way to keep going. What we tried to do is use their pressure and aggressiveness against them. When a team gets out and pressures you, it's going to allow you to get around them a bit C get in the gaps. And for us, it was just making the extra pass, and I thought we did a decent job of making that extra pass."

On the play of Courtney Sims ... "Maybe we should have double teamed him. He was getting position so low and the way it was being called -- we were fighting for the block -- but every once and a while we would get a foul, which discouraged us. He's just long -- longer than what we have. Our game plan coming in was that we didn't want more than one guy to really beat us. Courtney Sims -- we knew he was going to be a tough match-up, so we just wanted to wear him down. Taking a look at the stats, I think we held some other guys, and we did decent. Dion Harris still gets his 17 (points) -- that's above his average. Brent Petway had a big game -- that hurt us. And that was the difference. We just couldn't contain enough of the other guys along with Sims."

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