2001-02 BKM vs. Oakland -- quotes

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the possibility that losing the 18-point lead was a good experience for the team ... "It could be. We did some really good things down the stretch -- handling the ball and making big shots. I think (Mike) Gotfredson's three was as big a shot as we had all game. I'll be even more pleased if we get that lead again and do not need to make those plays."

On the productivity of the bench ... "I thought our bench was tremendous for us. We do not win tonight if our bench does not come in and contribute. I was especially pleased with Josh (Moore) being able to go 4-for-4 from the line. I thought that made a big difference."

On improvements for next game ... "We need to sustain our concentration and our effort. We did as well as I could ever think we could for 20 minutes. Were we tired I do not know. We will review the tapes and interact with the kids the next couple days."

On Michigan's starting lineup ... "We start people that deserve to start. That is the way that we do it. I thought (Mike) Gotfredson has done a nice job of running our team and I think that Leon's (Jones) senior leadership has given us a lot up to this point."

Junior Forward LaVell Blanchard

On his ankle injuries ... "I really did not feel much pain. The trainers did a great job. I really think that my team did a great job too."

On his 19th career double-double ... "I do not even know about that. I am not individual stats. I am more focused on how the team is doing. I am just trying to be part of a great team and play hard for 40 minutes."

On the outlook for the season ... "We have a great team and a great coaching staff. We showed a lot of good things this evening. We also have a lot of things to improve upon. They way we look right now, I feel very optimistic about the season."

Senior Center Chris Young

On the first win of the season ... "It was good to get the win but the way we won was not. If you can call a win bad, it was a bad victory. We came out and played incredibly in the first half, and the second half we came out flat and just did not play with the same intensity. They made a great run."

On the emotion to start the game ... "I do not think you can play with too much emotion. The more emotion you have, it will make you go that much harder."

Junior Guard Gavin Groninger

On Oakland's run ... "You always worry. That is a veteran ballclub. Those guys know how to play. There is no question that they are going to be a really good team this year. We were worried but we made some plays and came through. That is good for our team."

On his offensive aggressiveness ... "It is hard to say what the difference is this year. I am getting more minutes and taking good shots that are easier to hit. I think it is those two things."

On the student section ... "The student section was amazing. They got us pumped. When the score was 55-53 they got on their feet and gave us a boost that we really needed. It was great."

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