2006-07 BKM vs. Harvard -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On the strength of Michigan's defense ... "Well, that's been our identity. We've been very pleased in that every game we've come with great effort and intensity on the defensive end. Our kids have really bought into pressuring and making things really difficult for our opponents. Really what we tried to emphasize is not to let them run what they've been practicing. So as far as coming down to one-on-one drives, are we going to be good enough and tough enough to be able to defend the ball without fouling. And I thought we set the tone with that very early."

On the performance of Courtney Sims ... "I am really pleased with Courtney because one of the things that we've been working on with him is being more consistent. He's been able to string games together. I was disappointed that he had a few offensive fouls. He's been aggressive, and we've been on him about being more aggressive, and when he is aggressive, he's getting offensive fouls. We'll work with him on that as well. But he had six turnovers; we're not happy with that. But I am happy about him getting his 1,000th point. That's a milestone and something he very much deserved."

On the high number of field goals off assists ... "It is nice when we can have balance. We were very unselfish tonight as evident by 24 assists. I think they may be a season high, in terms of assist total, for our team. That is an incredible stat. Now, it doesn't look well when you look at the line right next to assists on the stat sheet, which is 20 turnovers. When you have five guys in double figures, you can probably bet that the players are being very unselfish and looking for the open man."

On the tough effort from Ekpe Udoh ... "He is long and is a player that we expect those kinds of efforts from -- maybe not getting the 10 or 11 points, but certainly being active and athletic around the rim. And he was all that this evening. So we were happy that he was keeping balls alive, tipping them in. Now, we have to get him to make some free throws. If he can do a better job there, then I could really praise him."

U-M Senior Wing Lester Abram

On having five double-digit scorers tonight ... "I just think that everybody has been playing a team game. Nobody has really been focusing on getting their shot off or anything like that."

On Michigan's strong defensive performance ... "I thought our guys did a good job -- Dion (Harris) and Jerret (Smith) -- pressuring the ball at first. That makes our jobs a lot easier on the back line to deny passes. I also thought we got the ball out quick and got some easy buckets on the transition."

U-M Junior Wing Ron Coleman

On the reason for team's strong offensive performance tonight ... "We didn't want to fall in the love with shooting the three-pointer. We could still get the ball inside and score in the paint -- not only dishing in the post, but on drives as well."

On what he attributes his strong play to tonight ... "I was just being aggressive. I thought on Wednesday I wasn't being as aggressive I knew I could be. And all my teammates -- Dion (Harris) and Lester (Abram) -- were getting me the ball at the right times. I was also using the dribble, getting to the rim and scoring that way too."

On the play of the defense tonight ... "I think we kind of stunned them a little bit with our pressure, with being in the passing lanes and doubling on ball screens. I think our guys were really aggressive tonight and that got us a lot of balls."

Harvard Coach Frank Sullivan

On the effectiveness of Michigan's defense ... "I just said to our team that I felt that Michigan played on another level than what we've observed on tape. They did an excellent job overplaying the perimeter. They did an excellent job pressuring the dribblers. They did an excellent job of taking our two key guys -- Jim Goffredo and Brian Cusworth -- not necessarily out of the game, but making them work a lot harder than they've had to work in some time. I give a lot of credit to Michigan for cranking up the defense tonight."

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