The Bartelstein Blog: The Big 10 Day Trip, Big Win, Big Monday Surprise
Josh Bartelstein

Nov. 17, 2011

What's up everyone?

Not a bad time to be a University of Michigan fan. First the football team plays Nebraska on Saturday -- don't forget it is Military Appreciation Day. We hear there are big things planned for the game. Too bad we are going to miss it because after playing Western Illinois tonight, we head on to the most prestigious Thanksgiving tournament in the country -- the Maui Invitational. I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of Maize and Blue being worn around the next week or so.

Backtracking just a bit, we had a good win Monday night against Towson. One thing that sticks out is how well we are playing defensively. I'm not surprised because in practice we have really been focusing on our key concepts in what we what to accomplish every possession down the court.

The key to our defense is keeping people out of the "club," which is the paint, and we are the bouncers at the door who aren't supposed to let anyone in. You can thank the one and only Bacari Alexander for this analogy. Over the past two years Michigan basketball has put a whole new emphasis on what defense means. Our goal is to win a national championship and you only do that by playing great defense.

After beating Towson on Monday night, we had Tuesday off to take care of school work and rest up for what is going to be a crazy 10 days. Let me break down our schedule for everyone.

We will play a game in Ann Arbor, fly to Hawaii, play three games against some of the top teams in the country, fly back on Thanksgiving, rest, practice, leave for Charlottesville on Monday and play our ACC/Big Ten Challenge in Virginia on Tuesday. That is a ton of traveling. Feel free to calculate the total miles. So it is going to be an interesting time for us. We just ask you stay with us and cheer us on! We cannot wait to get back to Crisler on Dec. 3 against Iowa State -- yea, another big game!!

On a side note, I will be curious to see the diehard Green Bay fan Zack Novak try to figure out how to watch the Lions-Packers game while we are flying back. Stay tuned for that story.

More important than any basketball game or future game was my huge fantasy win over Jordan Morgan this past Sunday. For the past two months, I've taken a ton of verbal abuse from everyone on our team, especially J-Mo.

So when I beat him this week, actually more like crushed him, I really couldn't have felt any better about it. I tweeted about it, Facebooked it and now I'm blogging about it so everyone knows that I beat him. Just want to make that crystal clear.

Now on to some important notes about Maui.

I will try and provide as many updates as I can while we are there. Everything about what we are doing during our free time to game information. I also have to tell everyone that we have a surprise for you in what we will be wearing Monday afternoon. I can't give out any more information than that, but it will blow some of you away!

With that, I need to go finish packing for our trip, but if you have anything you want to know about while we're in Maui or any questions, keep sending them in at

Go Blue!

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