2001-02 BKM vs. Fairfield -- quotes

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement ... "I thought we played a really solid 40 minutes of basketball. We certainly talked about that and worked on that. One of the things we have not been able to do thus far was is to put together two halves of the kind of basketball that we want to play. I was very pleased with our effort. We talked about the five E's tonight -- our effort, our energy, our enthusiasm, our emotion and our execution. Overall we were pleased as a coaching staff. Our kids did a tremendous job. (Dommanic) Ingerson was on fire. He is a streak shooter. I was pleased with his play."

On difficulty to be excited about beating a friend in coach Tim O'Toole ... "It is difficult. I think with their young team that they have, starting a freshman point guard and their front line with (Rob) Thompson and (Deng) Gai being two freshman players, I think they are going to be a good team. They certainly are young and Timmy's doing a great job."

On playing a complete game ... "We have a phrase that we use: regardless of what the score is and regardless of what is going on we want our kids to understand that there is a right way to play. We want to play the right way regardless if we are up or down or whatever the situation may be. We want to play hard and play the right way. I was pleased with that. We do not have garbage time. There is a right was to play and that is what we try to teach and emphasize in our program."

On the play of Dommanic Ingerson ... "We have seen him get on rolls. I was really impressed that our players were looking for him. I think that is equally impressive as the fact he was making his shots. They were really searching and looking for him. We have seen him get on a roll before and we know how streaky he can be. He has a lot of confidence. It is a really big thing for us to have Dom play well, especially with Leon Jones being out right now."

Sophomore Guard Gavin Groninger

On the game ... "We all stepped up as a team. We were one short so it was important to take good shots, open shots. Thanks to Avery Queen and Mike Gotfredson and guys like that on offense who were moving the ball and making it easy to get open shots."

On how he felt about the team's outside shooting ... "I think we did a great job taking good outside shots for the most part. I feel like when guys like me or Dommanic Ingerson get open shots and take good shots then we'll be able to hit them because we practice them all the time in practice."

On how he felt shooting the ball in the first half ... "I knew I felt good after my first shot. I got really good looks and I just took them. My defender fell down one time so I was wide open for that. We executed a play out of the zone that gave me an open shot."

Senior Guard Mike Gotfredson

On his role in the game ... "When you're passing the ball it means other people are making it. I didn't necessary feel it today, but Gavin Groninger hit some big shots. LaVell Blanchard hit some big shots. Chris Young was great in the post ... he just gave me a wide target to hit. We struggled a bit and we sputtered at a few points during the game but I think when we needed to we really stepped up and hit our shots."

On shutting Fairfield down defensively ... "Well, Coach (Amaker) talked to us about being a blue-collar team -- getting down and dirty and getting every loose ball. I think it was just a collective team effort today. We really wanted to stop them. What we really wanted to do was come out hard in the second half and play well, which I think we did a better job this game than last game."

Freshman Guard Dommanic Ingerson

On tonight's performance ... "Normally, I sacrifice my shots for my teammates but tonight they had confidence in me and passed me the ball. That shows me a lot, giving the ball to a freshman. That shows maturity as a ball club. We are not totally there yet, but we are getting there."

On his shooting ... "Sometimes I'm a little tentative ... like I was in the first half, but I have to just brush things off and just play the way I know how. But then I started to feel comfortable in the second half."

On his defensive play ... "I just wanted to play really hard on D. I wanted to be really tenacious on defense ... not giving up a lot, not allowing open shots, contest and block out at times. I do feel I need to help the team by rebounding a little more."

Fairfield Head Coach Tim O'Toole

On Michigan ... "They were great. They have everybody back this year. We were hoping they would get lackadaisical defensively. However, with Tommy (Amaker) coming to Michigan and laying a foundation, defense is going to be a priority. We had a hard time all night getting into out sets. They took away the wings and everything inside. They were maybe as good as any team that we have played against in taking us out of everything. When you play defense like that you are going to be in every game."

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