2003-04 BKM vs. Oakland -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement ... "I was really impressed with the energy and effort by our team. We closed the first half and had a great first 10 minutes of the second half, and I think that won us the game. I thought our energy and our depth pulled this game out. Daniel (Horton) didn't have a great game and I think our other guys did a great job stepping up and taking control of the game. A lot of guys got a chance to play and that was great."

On the defensive effort ... "Bernard (Robinson Jr.) was everywhere on the floor for us tonight. I thought the effort we all had on the defensive end of the floor was tremendous."

On the freshman class ... "I thought that our freshman class did a great job. Brent Petway was his energetic self and Courtney Sims was able to disrupt a lot of shots. Dion Harris doesn't play like a freshman. He has such a complete game and plays very well within himself. J.C. Mathis also played some very solid minutes for us."

On having 10 blocks and 10 steals ... "Again I didn't have a chance to study the stats, but it shows that we were very aggressive on the defensive end. We want to continue to play with that tenacity and not get into foul trouble."

U-M Senior Wing Bernard Robinson Jr.

On the game ... "I think we played pretty well. The intensity was there. We did a great job defensively."

On everybody contributing ... "It was a whole team effort. Everybody did a great job of working the ball around to find the open man. We did a good job of executing on both ends."

U-M Freshman Forward Courtney Sims

On starting his first game ... "Emotions take over early and you get tired in the first few minutes, but after I got my second wind I wasn't really tired. I was just anxious at the begining but I calmed down in the second half."

On the defensive effort ... "I just wanted to help my teammates out. I knew they were forcing us to guard baseline and that's what we worked on."

On the aggressive second-half start ... "We didn't want to let up but we didn't start off real well. J.C. (Mathis) got in the game and picked it up. We picked up the defensive intensity, it was all about the defensive effort."

U-M Sophomore Wing Lester Abram

On the first regular-season game ... "It feels good to get the first win. Last year we started off 0-6 and it feels good to be 1-0 this year."

On the team's momentum heading into halftime ... "Coach said he wanted us to be up by 10 at the end of the first half so we were up by 11, and he wanted us to take control in the first four minutes of the second half. We got off to a big run and that set the pace for rest of the game."

On his performance ... "At first I was forcing it a little bit, trying to be aggressive, but Coach told me to calm down and let the game come to me. After I did that I relaxed and everything started going well for me."

Oakland Head Coach Greg Kampe

Opening statement ... "We are very disappointed. Things did not go our way tonight. Michigan did a great job defending us, but we did not do a good job on them. I don't think a team has scored 50 in a half on us all year and Michigan put up 45 and 39, so that tells you our defense was lacking."

On the selfish play by his team ... "I made the comment to our staff that if they change the rules and make it all one-on-one we could be very good this year. We played very selfish in transition, as opposed to Michigan, who made a lot of extra passes to score some easy baskets."

On being intimidated ... "We have just been there too many times. It wasn't about Michigan. It was the opening weekend of the season, we can't be getting up against Michigan, it was about seeing where we are as a team and we found out. We need to get better or we will have a long opening stretch of the season."

Oakland Guard Mike Helms

On fouling out ... "I didn't realize I fouled out until it happened."

On tonight's game being "just a bad night" ... "Just a bad night, and a bad series. We had bad back-to-back games, but it's still early. We now have four games under our belt. We've still got a long season and we can still accomplish a lot of our goals. It's a long season. I think we know we just can't turn off and on."

On the outcome of the game ... "We couldn't hit a basket, we got blown out. Of course it was embarassing, but we still have a high number of games left. So we have to go out there and play the kind of game we know how to play. Basketball isn't like a light switch, you can't just turn it off and and on, you have to keep it on at all times. Of course the media had us picked to lose, so we just have to understand we have nothing to lose in games like this and we have to give it our all. It's not like we're a top-tier program, this is our preseason, so whether we win or lose really doesn't count. We just have to go out there and play hard all the time."

Oakland Forward Cortney Scott

On team play ... "We didn't come to play. We didn't come out to play defense, we didn't come out to play offense. It wasn't our best effort on the floor."

On the full-court press ... "It wasn't effective at all. Guys weren't playing in their positions, they weren't in their normal positions. A lot of guys were traveling and other guys were too far back on the court. We were really ineffective."

On the Michigan team ... "They looked really good. I was really impressed. I talked to my cousin LaVell (Blanchard) the other night about the game, and I'll now tell him how good Michigan looked."

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