2006-07 BKM vs. UMBC -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the team's second half performance "I thought we certainly needed a stronger, smarter and positive second half. I challenged them at halftime about being smarter and we were able to get the ball down the court a little faster and beat the zone down the floor. We had better touches and better movement. We were positive on our shots; we took them with aggression in a positive way. My pet peeve about basketball and I can't shake it from our team as well, is that teams and players play if they're scoring. I thought we played better in the second half because we shot it and scored, which helped us play better defense as well."

On just five turnovers in the second half "Much better performance with him (Dion Harris) and the basketball. We had 11 turnovers in the first half. In the first 16 possessions we turned the ball over eight times, they were just silly turnovers and I was disappointed to see. Nonetheless we were able to correct it in the second half."

On Dion Harris and Jarret Smith running the fast break in the second half "I felt they ran the break good. Good outlets helped us get into the fast break quicker and they got the ball up the floor to get some easier baskets. And like you said those guys were really good and strong in that area."

On the team's rebounding "We're attacking the glass, we're aggressive around the rim, we're keeping balls alive and we're very active around there (rim). Activity is so important with the length we can put out there, and Courtney (Sims) and Brent (Petway) those two guys right now have been the pillars of our team. They've done it on the glass, block shots and score for us. So I'm very pleased with how they've been playing."

On the play in the post "It's nice that we've developed an importance emphasis on playing inside out and those guys (Sims and Petway) have delivered for us. We've gotten it in there (in the post) and they've been strong around the bucket and finishing around the goal. It's a nice luxury to be able to feed the ball to our post guys."

U-M Senior Forward Brent Petway

On closing the game strong "We closed it out better than last game. Especially in the last couple of minutes we were able to lock down defensively and keep scoring offensively. To keep pushing the lead out a little bit, but there are still some areas we need to tighten up on."

On the team's transition offense "Mostly in the second half we were able to get more fast breaks. Our philosophy is to run and we were able to keep running throughout the entire game and after awhile the other team got tired and it helped us out to get some easy buckets."

U-M Senior Center Courtney Sims

On the team's defense "We did okay, I don't think we played up to our ability but we picked up in the second half. We played better team defense, we need to improve in every position on defense and I think we have some things to work on before we face NC State."

On facing the zone defense "It was tough because they were really in the paint trying to stop the interior. We had to knock down shots from the outside and that was kind of tough, so me and Brent (Petway) were just trying to be active on the glass."

On second double-double of the season "That's something Coach (Amaker) has been after me about, getting more rebounds. I just average six, my individual goal this year is to average a double-double. Hopefully I can get up to 10 rebound mark, but I just wanted to work on it to be a presence on the boards for my teams."

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