2003-04 BKM vs. High Point -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On giving the players Thanksgiving off ... "We talked about that.  If we played well then we would allow them the entire day off, and they earned that tonight."

On the game ... "I am very impressed by the way our kids approached this game. High Point put on an impressive performance against Clemson. We wanted to get out of the blocks and play well, and I think we did that tonight. Yet it was a large deficit of victory we still had a well-balanced scoring attack. That will help in the weeks to come."

On controlling the game tempo ... "We are a very young basketball team. We are still trying to find our identity. As coaches we have to control our kids' emotions, but they did a good job of maintaining under control."

On looking ahead to their upcoming schedule ... "That is why I thought tonight was so important. We were not looking forward to anything but tonight, and I think that is a sign of a mature team. We now have a big game ahead of us and we can look at that now. We will not look past any team this year."

On Dion Harris ... "We have talked about him before. He's a very efficient player. The mark of a very good player is that he has the talent to stand out and the ability to fit it, and that is Dion Harris."

U-M Sophomore Guard Daniel Horton

On the game ... "I think we played a great game and we played good defense. We had too many turnovers on the offensive end and we didn't execute at times."

On the strong start to start the game ... "We hustled on defense and got to loose balls. We denied a lot of their offensive opportunities and caused a lot of turnovers. We continued to wear them down on defense and it paid off for us."

On being 2-0 ... "It feels good to be on the opposite side of the spectrum after going 0-6 to begin last season. We just have to keep it going. We have a tough game coming up on Sunday."

U-M Freshman Guard Dion Harris

On his performance ... "I think I came out and played solid on both ends of the court."

On the balanced scoring effort ... "We always try to go out and be unselfish. I think that is the key to our success on offense."

On the upcoming game at Butler ... "It's going to be a tough game. They have a great program and we have to carry over tonight's performance to that game."

High Point Head Coach Bart Lundy

On the game ... "I kind of take the blame for them tonight. We weren't prepared for their defensive pressure. In the first half they took us out of everything we wanted to do. My hat's off to Michigan. Tommy Amaker's building an unbelievable program here."

On playing Clemson and Michigan with one day of rest in between games ... "I thought we were a little tired and sluggish. The Clemson game took so much out of us that having to compete at that level for us with the size difference and athleticism difference was tough to get it to the level we had against Clemson the other night."

On Michigan's defense ... "Their pressure from the point and on the wings just took us out of everything that we wanted to do. We were better in the second half, but it was too late at that point."

High Point Guard Zione White

On the quick turnaround between the Clemson and Michigan games ... "A lot of players felt tired but we just didn't come out ready to play. It took its toll on the court in terms of our performance tonight."

On Michigan's defense ... "They put a little pressure on us but it wasn't a lot that we couldn't handle. We just didn't execute and our heads weren't in it tonight."

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