2005-06 BKM vs. Butler -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On the game ... "They are a really good basketball team. I think we knew that coming in. They have a lot of senior ball players out there who are really savvy on the court, great shooters and really space the floor. I was really proud of our team for finding a way to win this game when things were going south with us late in the second half. We dug it out and a few of our kids made incredible plays. Give a lot of credit to Butler for a well-fought game on their part."

On the maturity of the team ... "We didn't panic. We had some senior players, some veteran players out there. I can't keep talking without mentioning Daniel Horton's name and I thought he led the charge. I was really pleased and proud with how we hung tough and we dug one out. We had to find ways to get a loose ball, make that ball go in the basket, make free throws and execute late in the game. I am just really impressed with the way our kids responded being down six late in the game."

On the play of Daniel Horton ... "Unbelievable line and the thing he probably won't get credit for is his heart and will and passion he has and how that permeates through the rest of our players. The other thing is that he played an incredible defensive game. I can't tell you how much energy and toughness it takes to do that on the defensive end and then come up with the game of his life so far on the offensive end. It was just an incredible performance by that kid this afternoon."

On Courtney Sims ... "We really had the emphasis about getting the ball inside and certainly he is our best interior scorer. He was the recipient of some good passes by our players. I thought they adjusted in the second half and shrunk the floor and didn't allow a lot of room in there. I was really pleased he didn't force things and stayed within the team concept. He also played well on the defensive end so I was really pleased with his growth and maturity as well."

U-M Senior Guard Daniel Horton

On the hard fought win ... "It was a great game. It was a fun game to play in. Our coaches did a good job of getting us prepared for Butler, but it's a lot different when you face them. They stretch the floor and are able to knock down shots, that's a great talent to have. They're a great ballclub."

On doing a better job protecting the basketball ... "That's one thing we stressed going into the game because they play more of a sagging man-defense compared to the two teams we've already played. We felt that this was a game where shouldn't have a lot of turnovers. We thought this was a game where we could really concentrate and take care of the basketball."

On defending the perimeter ... "They have really good guards. Any time you're that quick and you can shoot, that's like a quarterback who can run and throw, a dual threat. Coming into the game, we wanted to make a conscious effort to defend their guards."

U-M Junior Center Courtney Sims

On his offensive performance in the first half ..."They're kind of small, so I wanted to establish myself early and I think I did that. In the second half, they started to double team me without the ball, which opened it up for the guards to get open shots. Daniel and Ron really carried us in the second half."

On the performance of Daniel Horton ... "He basically won the game for us. He was strong with the ball and made great decisions. He was excellent on defense. He helped me out a couple of times on defense, stripping the ball. He finished on the free throw line, which was the biggest play of the game."

U-M Sophomore Wing Ron Coleman

On providing a spark of the bench in the second half ... "Coach (Amaker) called my number and I had to go out and help the team and contribute. That's what I have been doing this year. I had to help out because we were in a tight game."

On the defensive effort down the strech ... "We knew we had to lock up better. We had to deny them the three because they're a great three point shooting team. We just turned up our defense."

Butler Coach Todd Lickliter

On the game in the second half ... "We had three-point drives a couple of times and they were able to get two or three second shots. I think consistency is the real key. We want to be aware of how we play so we can play as good next time. This team has proven they can go in and they can compete. This is the second Big Ten team we have played this week and they showed themselves very well. This is a team that is very disappointed. They wanted to come in here have a road victory and win the game, we just failed to execute."

Butler Senior Forward Brandon Polk

On the game ... "We had a tough game against Ohio State, our last game. We had to come out and just battle again and give another good effort and come up with a win. We failed to do that, but we just have to learn and take it from this game and put it into the next game."

On playing two teams from the Big Ten in the same week ... "You have to try to do all you can to keep the big guys out of the paint, which we struggled with. You just have to keep fighting hard. Hopefully, it will help out in the long run."

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