Bartelstein Blog: The Wins, The Flip, My Jump and onto the Challenge
Josh Bartelstein

Nov. 28, 2011

What's up everyone?

What a great weekend to be part of the Michigan family and a Michigan fan. First and foremost, I have to give out huge congratulations to the football team on its big win against Ohio! I know how hard they worked all year to beat them and it was great to see it on Saturday. The scene after the game is what makes Michigan special because no one else in the country can replicate.

On the basketball front, we had a nice win over UCLA on Wednesday. They are a talented team that before the end of the year will have a bunch of wins in the Pac-12. We needed to bounce back after that tough loss to Duke and I think that's what was most impressive about the win.

As a team, we really follow our two senior leaders in Zack (Novak) and Stu (Douglass). They both had big games against UCLA and that should be expected. Some teams would have a tough time getting up for that game, but when your leaders are bringing energy and knocking down shots like they did, it is infectious to the whole team. Also, I never thought I'd see the day Zack would actually break the 20-point barrier. He was stuck at 20, but finally broke through with that 22-point performance. Finally!

After we beat UCLA, we had the afternoon off to enjoy Maui. This was very good for a couple of reasons. One, Stu was going to be the only person ever to go to Maui and never see the sun. He never came outside until after the UCLA game and if not for that last afternoon, he would have left Maui whiter than he came.

Our hotel had this huge cliff that all week people talked about jumping off of. We just needed to wait until after the completion of our games. The most impressive thing about the cliff jumping was my new road roommate, Carlton Brundidge, doing a flip off the cliff.

Yes, I said FLIP.

It was extremely impressive, but shouldn't be surprising because CB was on the swimming team in high school and no I am not joking. It allowed me to prove to everyone that I could and would jump off that cliff just take a look at the video below . The only thing we never found out was if Corey Person could swim. He had a bet with Jordan (Morgan) all week, but mysteriously got sick that afternoon. We are still investigating the incident.

Now that most of us are recovered from going to Maui -- it took a while to get used to the time change -- we get to leave Ann Arbor again today to head to Virginia. This will be a very difficult game against a good ACC team, but a win we need to get -- you remember how important the win at Clemson was last year.

With that, I'm off the practice and then to the airport.

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