Coach and Player Comments from U-M Men's Basketball Press Conference

Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the Bernard Robinson Jr. injury and incident ... "We haven't made any decisions on what we're going to do, in terms of internally, with that scenario yet. Certainly we are disappointed that that it occurred. I apologized to the Bowling Green coaching staff and the officials that the incident happened. We're certainly going to make sure that the expenses are taken care of. We feel that that will be Bernard's responsibility, in terms of the broken glass and whatever else was incurred with the cleanup and everything else."

On where the team is now ... "I think coming off of a really tough loss last night doesn't help our situation. Bowling Green was a very tough place to play and I thought we did some pretty good things but I was disappointed in our attention to detail and execution at crucial times. I thought it really hurt us, no doubt about it. We look forward now going into Saturday's game against the best team we've faced all year (Boston College), a nationally ranked opponent.

"We're a team that's still searching for consistency and we're still learning how to win in tough situations. We need to learn how to fight through to make various plays to win games, whether it's a loose ball, whether it's making the front end of a one-and-one, whether it's getting a defensive stop or executing offensively -- all the things that you have to do in late-game situations throughout the course of the game. In late-game situations you have to make some various plays to win games. And I think that's where we are as a team, trying to make those plays.

"We're learning how to win. We're learning how to be in tough situations and be able to fight through and make it happen. I do think there were some really good things about our team. I thought holding Bowling Green to 65 points, although we only scored 59, was good because they've been averaging a lot of points. [It] showed that we did a good job defensively, overall. Their comment by their coach Dan Dakich was very much appreciated by us. He thought that we were one of the better defensive teams that he's faced in his gym for all his years coaching Bowling Green. So I think that's a pretty strong statement. I thought our kids gave great effort in that regard. I thought the kid (Keith) McLeod really hurt us late with that big three."

On how players should react to tough losses ... "We want to react to things in the proper way. That means never doing anything that is dangerous or wrong. But it is a game of emotion and how we channel that emotion is the key. That is the lesson to be learned here. Channeling these emotions into being more determined the next time, paying more attention to detail, or working harder to improve ourselves. That way we will be prepared to succeed the next time."

On the back-to-back losses ... "I feel that they are just part of the growing pains of the program. It is part of the process. We have transition and it is new. We played two teams that were really gunned up and so were we. We put ourselves in a position to win the games. By no stretch have we gone in and been annihilated or flat or thrown in the towel. We have done some good things. We may not have the bottom line results to back that up right now but I think internally we feel that we have made some strides. It is nice to be able to get some tangible results but our kids have done some good things. Getting a win or two in the last two games would have been a real shot in the arm but we cannot lose sight of the things that we have improved upon so far."

On if the team has changed significantly over the last two games from the first two ... "I think being away from home, we talked about it being a different environment for us to be playing in. That, in itself, makes it a tougher situation for our club. We tried to simulate and make our guys aware of the environment that they were going to be in at Western Michigan, an in-state opponent. You can never really underestimate the environment. I thought the last two environments that we faced were very difficult for us. Looking at last night, that was a very difficult place to play if you were an opponent. I thought that was one of the reasons that they were able to win the game."

On playing Boston College ... "Boston College is one of the better teams in the country. They are nationally ranked and deservedly so. They won the Big East a year ago and were in the NCAA Tournament. This is a team that has had to bring themselves up. I have a lot of respect for that and (head coach) Al Skinner for what he has been able to do with that program. Everything starts with Troy Bell. He has done everything in the Big East a person can do. Kenny Walls is an underrated player who adds a lot of athleticism and toughness to their team. Then there is Ryan Sidney. I was very impressed with Sidney a year ago. I did not know much about him but I found out very quickly when we (Seton Hall) played them in the Big East Tournament. Watching him play over the course of last season and a few clips, I was very impressed with him. He looks like a very tough kid, a kid who is fearless, a player who brings a lot of aggressiveness and strength to the court. He is going to be a very difficult player for us to go against."

On playing two point guards in Mike Gotfredson and Avery Queen ... "I do not think there is a difference for the team. I think they are very comfortable with both of those guys. They both have done everything we have asked them to do. They have played within themselves, they have been ready to play, they have given us energy, and they are maxing their ability. We cannot ask for anything more and I think the team has a lot of respect for the job those kids have done. They have been there every day, answering every bell and whistle and that is why they have gotten the playing time that they have."

On being able to create a late-game, pressure situation in practice ... "Yes. You have game situations in practices and we do that. But I think there's nothing like going through it and then trying to learn from it on film. That's something that we're going to do this afternoon. We pulled a number of clips, not just late-game situations but certainly a lot of those from the late-game situation. We have to see it and understand it and walk them through it and teach and we're hoping that we can get better from it."

On Gavin Groninger being scoreless against Bowling Green ... "If you would have said to me that we would be winning with two minutes left and him being scoreless I would have thought you were kidding. It does not make us feel any better but it does say a lot about the way we played in other areas to offset the night he endured. I said to him at halftime, when he had only one shot, I was really impressed with the fact that he was not looking to force shots. He was our leading scorer but the shots were just not there. He did other things for us though, like getting shots for other players. I think that was really good by him. We need him to score but I was impressed that he did not take bad shots just because he was the leading scorer and felt like he needed to score."

On the progress of Dommanic Ingerson ... "I think he has come along well. We have seen him grow and progress. There are going to be a lot of growing pains with our young players but we have a lot of confidence in them. They play significant minutes for us at crucial times and we have no reservation about putting them in late-game situations. They have done a great job for us. However, you still have to recognize that they are freshman players, they are 18 years old, and this is their first time on the road with a Michigan uniform. They did an admirable job but you still have to recognize that they are still young."

Senior Center Chris Young

On team's demeanor after the game ... "Everybody was really frustrated after the game last night. It was a very emotional game last night and a tough loss. But we have only two days and we have to play again so we have to move on and get ready for the next game."

On Michigan's half-court defense ... "Our whole emphasis when we are on the floor is on the defensive end. We think we can get defensive stops and that will turn into transition baskets for us. I have been happy with it in spurts. We have played some very good half-court defense in the first half of the Oakland game and different spurts through other games."

Sophomore Guard Avery Queen

On drawing something positive from losses ... "We are going to have to turn these losses into positives. We have two big games coming up in Boston College and Duke. We have to turn it around because we cannot play the way we have the last two games and expect to win."

On his individual performance against Bowling Green ... "I am pleased with the time I got but I am still upset about the game and the way we played at the end."

Sophomore Wing Bernard Robinson Jr.

On the incident after the game ... "I got caught up in the emotion of the game and I hit some glass. I cut my hand and that is what happened. I just got caught up in the emotion of the game."

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