2001-02 BKM vs. Boston College -- quotes

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

On the game ... "I certainly thought it was a very entertaining game. I thought both teams really gave great efforts to win a hard-fought game. I think you see for us against a team that's ranked in the preseason and obviously very good. I think there toughness is what propels them to be as good as they are. I thought (Ryan) Sidney was just tremendous. We tried everything -- different matchups, different defenses. I thought he had an outstanding performance. I was in awe of how he played. He brings a lot of energy, a lot of toughness and he propels their team in so many ways. I was pleased with the effort of our kids. I felt one of the big differences for us, coming out on the short end this afternoon, was the inability for us to keep Chris Young on the floor. I think we've seen a few times now that when he's out of the game we're a different team. We don't have his presence inside, offensively or defensively. It makes a big difference for our team because we don't have a lot of margin for error. I was disappointed with our free throw shooting in the second half. I felt that was a way for us to score without having to make a lot of tough shots against as tough of a defense as they are. I thought we got to the line but we didn't convert and that's usually an area that we spend a lot of time on and I just thought we would have done a better job in the second half at the free throw line."

On how close the team is getting to winning ... "I think we are very close. I said that to our staff and to our kids too, that sometimes you're so close but yet so far. I do feel we're close. For us to battle a team like that, we were down and we fought back and I think we got it to within one basket. That's the moment of truth in a ball game. Those are the areas that, in order to get over the hump, you have to improve in. You have to convert on those kinds of plays and get those stops and make those free throws and not turn it over on the offensive end. I think we're close. I think we've all seen the game of basketball before, and we know that as we watched this game this afternoon that a few plays here and there certainly could have made a difference in the outcome of this game. That's not taking anything away from Boston College, they certainly deserved it and they made the plays. I thought we were a team that fought hard and had a chance to win the game."

On BC's backcourt tandem of Troy Bell and Ryan Sidney ... "I think the thing that's very deceiving on tape is their speed. When you say speed sometimes you mean that they're just fast running but not many people are as fast as they are with the ball. It takes a lot of talent and ability and agility to be able to be as fast as they are with the ball. I think that was the huge difference, us trying to guard them off the dribble. We were getting broken down in that way in the full court. With their speed and certainly their two guards they can go inside and they can get offensive rebounds and dig it out. And you look at Bell's line and the only thing he didn't do was make threes. When you look at their lines, Sidney had 15 rebounds, nine offensive, Bell was 8-for-8 from the free throw line. Those did kids did an outstanding job ... no question about it."

On changing up Michigan's starting lineup ... "There are a lot of times you can look at what someone isn't doing. I prefer to look at what other people are doing. We started the people that felt deserved to start."

On point guard Avery Queen ... "Avery has been playing very well for us. We talked about that with our team prior to this game, that we've been very pleased with his ability to compete. I think he's been one of our best competitors. That's why he started. I think he's been able to maintain that competitive spirit and drive regardless of the situation, regardless of the day, regardless of the practices, it's been a constant. We need more competitors like Avery. Certainly, I thought him playing 40 minutes today, looking back I wish I had a chance to give him some breaks. We thought that with a national television game that you get longer timeouts and that was a way we felt we could get him some rest. I thought with their ability, their speed, and their quickness on the perimeter that we needed Avery out there. We needed his ball-handling ability and his speed to be able to stay with their guards. I've been very pleased with how he's played."

U-M Senior Center Chris Young

On his foul trouble ... "I just have to be smart on every possession. I knew when I picked up my fourth foul as soon as I hit him that it was a stupid foul. He had his man beat and he had me beat and I still reached over him."

On the post game ... "The guys in the post for Boston College are unbelievable athletes. They could come off of that flex cut and shoot as if they were a guard. They did not play like your typical 4 or 5. That made it very difficult for us."

On outside shooting ... "Those are the shots that I make in practice everyday. Leon (Jones) always tells me that I have to take them in the game because everyone on the team knows that I can make them. It is just a matter of taking it when it is open."

U-M Sophomore Guard Avery Queen

On playing the full 40 minutes ... "I have done it before. I did it last year so it is nothing new. I dug it out and I was not that tired."

On his offensive play ... "I was just trying to be a good point guard and get my teammates good looks. That was my main goal today."

Boston College Head Coach Al Skinner

On Ryan Sidney's return to Ann Arbor ... "It was a tremendous homecoming. I was a little concerned since we all know that he plays with a lot of energy that it might work against him. But he settled himself down and came out and played the way he's been playing all year. So a tremendous credit to him and his effort."

On the backcourt of Troy Bell and Ryan Sidney ... "They had a tremendous day. I've had individuals play like that before. To play as well as they did on the road was a great effort. The thing that I liked most about it was that it came in different ways. Some of it came from our defense, some of it came from our offense, and it was not like we just came down and ran plays for those two individuals. We moved the ball and they happened to get open and make shots and defensive plays. I'm really happy about the results and that they're learning to find ways in our offense to get points without running a set play."

On Michigan's play ... "They are trying to learn a new system under Tommy Amaker and that takes time to learn a motion offense. I've seen what that offense can do when he was at Seton Hall once the players get a feel for it. That's what they're trying to do. They're trying to learn each other. That's what we are trying to do too, but we have a little more experience. If I were coming into a new situation with new players we wouldn't be having this kind of success. It takes time to bring a team together and blend it, regardless of how much talent you have. I thought they played a good ball game. There's no question they made hustle plays and worked hard and had a chance to win."

BC Sophomore Guard Ryan Sidney

On U-M head coach Tommy Amaker ... "He always tells me to play hard. He is a great coach and a great guy. When I went up to talk to him before the game I just asked him how he was doing and how he liked Michigan."

On playing against fellow Ann Arbor native LaVell Blanchard ... "There are no extra incentives for playing against LaVell. Whenever I speak to him there are no quarrels between us and there never will be. It is just a friendly rivalry."

BC Junior Guard Troy Bell

On playing with Ryan Sidney ... "We take a lot of pressure off of each other. A lot of backcourts have two guards that play smiilarly but it is not like that with Ryan and me. We play differently so we complement each other and do not get in each other's way."

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