2006-07 BKM vs. Wofford -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On the strong play by Dion Harris ... "Not only did he do it on the offensive end, taking care of the ball, scoring, running the offense and finding people to get assists, but he also did it on the defensive end. I thought he played a brilliant floor game here today. I was very pleased to see, as a senior, after we lost earlier this week, that he was able to bounce back. We call it regrouping and responding, and Dion was the catalyst for that. You look at his stat line, but it doesn't do justice for how well he played today."

On bouncing back from the tough loss at North Carolina State ... "I absolutely believe it's a good sign for the rest of the season and the future of our team. I'm proud of our guys. We worked hard this week. We weren't pleased with our execution on Monday night in Raleigh, North Carolina. We invested a lot in today's game. We talk about regrouping and responding, and I thought we did those two words as well as we've done since I've been here. And this was against a quality team -- a team that we mentioned earlier won at Cincinnati and had a shot to win at North Carolina State, so we knew what we were facing."

On Wofford's reliance on the three-point shot ... "We knew they were going to be a three-point shooting team. They average about 27 attempts a game. We were concerned that they made a few more in the second half than they did in the first. But we certainly felt that our defense was going to be the key for us. Are we going to be able to challenge shooters and not foul and bail them out We talked about making them two-point scorers -- defending the three-point line and not putting them on the foul line. We did that as well as we did all season."

On DeShawn Sims' performance tonight ... "I'm really happy for DeShawn because it's certainly been a rough road for what he's gone through. To be a freshman and go through those normal things as freshman kids do in the first semester of their college career -- all the things that we know that they have to adjust to. It's been nice to see how he's been able to work, put himself in this position. He always had the right attitude, that spirit. We talk about that word, spirit. DeShawn Sims has a lot of spirit."

U-M Senior Forward Brent Petway

On bouncing back after the N.C. State loss ... "We were out to prove something to ourselves. We know at the N.C. State game we let down. Granted, it was our first game on the road, but we still let ourselves down. Today we needed to prove to ourselves that we can bounce back, and I think we did."

On the depth of the team ... "We definitely talk about that. We always need our bench to come in and not be a dropoff in the energy level. Today we definitely did that. Everyone came in ready to defend, and the offense took care of itself too. Everyone was unselfish and that is what made our offense click so well. Everyone found an open man or some open shots, and those are usually going to fall."

U-M Senior Center Courtney Sims

On Michigan's strengths in today's game ... "I think we just defended well. I think (Wofford) averages over 80 points a game and I know they scored a lot against N.C. State and Cincinnati. I think we did well to hold them under 50 points, and that is something we pride ourselves in."

On the defensive strong points ... "We have a real big team. When we are active and we are playing well together it helps on defense. It is easy. We have long guards and some long big men. It is easy for us to be on helpside (defense) and block shots and rebound. If we come together and play like that all the time it is going to be easy to be a good defensive team."

U-M Senior Guard Dion Harris

On his first career double-double ... "I was just out there playing basketball. Guys were open and I fed them the ball. That is what we do. We are a very unselfish team. I do not think I was even worried about scoring or even getting assists. I was just out there being a player. Coming off of our loss, Coach really preached to me especially to play good defense. He wants me to be the best defender on the team. Even on point guard play, he wants me to just be a player and be unselfish and look to get other guys shots. I think I tried to do that today and it paid off for our team."

On 10 players scoring today ... "As long as we are unselfish and stick to our rules on offense, we can always get stats like this. We just need to play basketball like we play basketball."

Wofford Coach Mike Young

On his overall thoughts of the game ... "I thought the Wolverines, this early in the season, had one or two directions to go after the N.C. State loss. They could have hung their heads and come in here and slop around. To their credit, they came in ready to play. Offensively and defensively on the glass, they wore us out. That's a credit to Tommy (Amaker) and his players. They were by far the better team today, obviously."

On having trouble offensively in the paint ... "Thank god we don't have people like Courtney Sims or Brent Petway in our league. Those shots tend to end up near the tuba section when we go down with those guys. So we're going to tread around out there -- 19 and 20 feet. We like those three (pointers) more than those two (pointers). That's just the course we've taken."

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