2001-02 BKM vs. IUPUI-Fort Wayne -- quotes

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening comments ... "We're very pleased with our effort for 40 minutes. We talked about two things coming into this game, playing well and winning. I thought that our kids did both. I thought we played against a team that's dangerous. Anytime you face a team that hasn't won a game and has players who can pass and catch and shoot, they are dangerous. I thought our kids did a really good job of not giving them too many open looks. That's a team that if they start making their shots is going to start gaining a lot of confidence. I thought Bernard Robinson Jr. really gave us a shot in the arm in the first half. He got us out of the blocks and was being more athletic and aggressive and rebounding the ball. I think he was tied for high rebounding in the first half. We talked about him being able to be more aggressive around the basket and going to the basket and getting the chance to get offensive rebounds. I'm really pleased with Chris Young's production and his play for us. I think you can see the value he brings to our team. In our last game against Boston College when he went out with foul trouble it changed the game for us. He gives us a post presence and we look for him. I think the players are looking for him and they have confidence in his ability to score. So we certainly need that. I think it was a productive night for the Wolverines and for our psyches to get off the losing slide. It gave us a chance to feel good for at least 24 hours."

On Avery Queen's production ... "Avery had seven assists and two turnovers and that was one of his better games of controlling our team. He took care of the ball and found other people and that's his job. That's his role -- not turning the ball over, not forcing things. I joked with him at the end of the game that part of the reason why he performed so well was because he was hobbled a little bit. He wasn't quite at full speed. Sometimes when you don't have all your physical abilities it makes you think more and slow down and be more cautious. I thought that was a good thing for Avery this evening."

On Chris Young's value ... "We're going to need everything that he can give us. If you watched us play this year in any game you'd see his value. There's no one more valuable to our team than Chris. I think we see the reasons why with what he's been able to do for us and how he's played. His confidence is up and that's such a big thing for an athlete to feel good about themselves and their game. For him to get 10 rebounds and go 4-for-5 from the line -- I'm more pleased with that than the 22 points. The fact that he made his free throws and the double-digit rebounds marks a good night for us."

On getting Leon Jones back from injury ... "It's great to get Leon back from injury. To have one of our seniors and a captain and a veteran and a player that does a lot of little things for us and was playing well before his injury is a nice shot in the arm. I think he gives us a little more depth on the perimeter. You can see at times where a kid like Dommanic Ingerson, for as much talent as he has, there are going to be stretches in games where he's going to be inconsistent. Now we have someone else we can add to the rotation and that makes a world of difference for our team."

Senior Center Chris Young

On having patience on offense ... "Yeah, I think it definitely helps when I'm patient and wait for the guys to cut through to see if I can hit them or wait and see if I can make a move."

On what the team learned from the Boston College game ... "Coach (Tommy Amaker) told us we played well. The game came down to that one possession. We played incredibly hard, but when it came down to crunch time we didn't execute the plays. We can learn from the game, but it's also important to put it in the past."

On how it felt to win against IPFW ... "It was therapeutic. It was just good to get a win and gain some confidence back."

On how he has to adjust his game to reduce his fouls ... "I don't think I have to back off, just play smarter and know when to step in and take the charge or when to step in and try to block the shot or just give him a layup. Its just being smart and playing the game the right way."

On his position on the team ... "I pretty much see myself as a center, five-man who can step out and take the 17- or 18-foot shoot if I need to. I have confidence in my shot and my teammates are confident in me to make it."

Sophomore Wing Bernard Robinson Jr.

On what the team needed to do tonight ... "It was important for us to go out and play strong for 40 minutes, settle down, try to maintain possession and set up on defense. We're obviously going to get better and better on defense and we'll continue to improve."

On head coach Tommy Amaker stressing defense ... "That's what I've been trying to work on because Coach has had us working on it. We have a great coaching staff and they'll continue to help us get better as the season goes on."

On how a strong performance helps him gain confidence ... "It feels good to have a strong performance. When you have a bad game it can be hard to get going but when you have a good game it will help you keep going. It's very important for me to get a good game under my belt, especially with a game like Duke coming up. We're still learning about our offense and what we can do within it, having a good offensive game gives us confidence."

IPFW Head Coach Doug Noll

On his team's problems with turnovers ... "Turnovers really hurt us, especially in the last six possessions of the first half when we had five turnovers. Sometimes this team just amazes me. We had a nice chance to go in close at halftime but we allowed them to get a spurt. Then in the second half we had our moments, but then again we had some stupid mistakes and then the last five minutes just got away from us. They have a really athletic team and they brought it to us tonight."

On his impressions of Michigan ... "I think they can be about as good as they want to be. They're just so athletic. If they can find some chemistry and know who to go to in certain spots I think Tommy Amaker is going to do a great job here. I think we weren't a very worthy opponent for them. I think we were for about 28-30 minutes of the game, but I think there was 10 minutes of the game where it just got away from us. I think we're a total perimeter team and when you get down the stretch and you're tired and your legs aren't there your shot's not going to fall and it just snowballs. This team, I think, could surprise some people. If they work hard on the defensive end and play together, they're going to be good."

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