2004-05 BKM vs. Notre Dame -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement .... "It was a great win for our program given the circumstances that we've found ourselves in the last couple of weeks. I'm very proud of our team and I thought we battled every step of the way. We had an lead early and we surrendered that. They came back right at the end of the first half and we were really deflated at halftime. We talked about it being 0-0 with 20 minutes to go at that point. We're very proud of our guys digging down after being down double digits in the second half. I can't say enough about Daniel Horton, I thought his toughness and his will were unbelievable for us this afternoon."

On Michigan's guards holding Chris Thomas and Chris Quinn to just points ... "I'm sure if you talked to Coach Brey in their locker room and told him that his two guards would shoot that poorly and they would still have a chance to win the game, he would probably feel pretty good about it. Our guards did a tremendous job of limiting them to the looks that they had. They didn't get good looks, it wasn't like they just missed shots. I thought we did a nice job of defending them well when they didn't good looks. They're good at shot-faking and getting to the line, but we didn't bail them out on some bad shots."

On Daniel Horton coming on strong after a tough first half ... "It's unheard of, especially in a crucial game for both teams. We've seen him do this before in the past, he has a way of making big plays and he has a way of putting people on his back and carrying them with his will. I'm not surprised, I'm obviously very happy and pleased that we're on the winning side right now, but I'm not surprised because we've seen him do it before."

On Graham Brown diving for a loose ball late in the game ... "That's what Graham does, he makes big-time hustle plays and savvy plays. He's gives us that energy and blue-collar attitude that we have with out program. He leads the charge in the category.

On Chris Hunter's defensive performance against Torin Francis in the second half ... "I think with Chris' length, that gives us an added advantage. He's very long for a post player and he makes it difficult for guys to get shots over him. The only deficiency we have in the regard is that we can't let him get too deep in that post position. Chris was able to force him out and that was very helpful."

Junior Daniel Horton

On breaking a three-game losing streak with a big victory ... "It was a big win for this team, especially after coming off three tough losses. We still didn't play the way we wanted to play, but I think our defense was the difference in this game."

On limiting Chris Thomas to just two points ... "Dion did a great job on him. Our job coming into this game first and foremost was to get in Chris Thomas and Chris Quinn's face and make them take tough shots or not let them take shots period. We did that today."

On his great play late in the game ... "Since I've been here, I've tried to do whatever it takes to win. I got a couple great looks and some good screens and I was more aggressive than I've been lately. It really paid off. This all wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for out defense today."

Freshman Ron Coleman

On having his best game against a nationally ranked team ... "I just came out with the mindset to take open shots and let the game come to me. I didn't rush it and I took my time and played defense. I think we all did that today."

On the Crisler Arena crowd ... "They gave us a lot of energy. Whether we scored a bucket or drew a charge on defense, they were loud out there today. We like when that happens because it makes us play harder."

Sophomore John Andrews

On his first career start at Crisler Arena ... "It was a great, I had a lot of fun out there. The crowd gave us a lot of energy. There were actually some of the Maize Rage waiting outside the arena when we first arrived. It was nice to see some friendly faces."

On his two baskets during a 9-0 run in the first half ... "On that offensive rebound, I was just trying to crash the boards and finish. That's what I'm trying to do, just give give us a lift, more so on the defensive end and just play my role."

On how it feels to make contributions this season ... "It feels good. Playing basketball is what I love to do and it feels great to be out there, especially with these guys. They're great teammates and everyone plays their role and we have fun together out there."

Notre Dame Coach Mike Brey

Opening statement ... "I think we learned a lot about our team. It is disappointing because you have a chance to win the game and I though we could have handled the last two minutes a little better. We could have gotten out of here with a win. They are a very good basketball team and they play with a lot of emotion at home. It's the fourth game of the season and I thought we pulled a lot away from it. We learned a lot about our team on the road today."

On the game ... "I thought as bad as we were for the first 16 minutes, we really closed fast and did a heck of a job to tie, because we were ugly. Then we were in a nice rhythm and used our momentum to make some big plays and bug defensive stops. But just the offensive execution at the end of the game hurts a little bit."

Notre Dame Senior Chris Thomas

On Michigan's defense ... "They have big guys. I thought I got to the rack a lot of times and drew contact, but you are not really going to get that call on the road. They have long guys. They were in the passing lanes and forcing the play 25 feet from the basket. They had hands up on all my shots. They just didn't fall."

On the end of the game ... "It was a tough atmosphere, but I thought we did the necessary things to win the game. I was proud of our guys. I could have brought the ball out when Colin got the rebound to burn some more time off. We can't give up the three-point play at the end of the game. We've got to have a hard foul, we've got to protect the ball."

Notre Dame Junior Chris Quinn

On losing the game in the final minutes ... "We weren't as aggressive on the defensive end as we had been. We allowed them to get some good looks. They are a good team and they were able to get right back into the game. It is very frustrating with the guys we have and the experience we have. We were up 10 with 10 minutes to go and that is exactly where we want to be. I think we didn't make the plays down the stretch."

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