2004-05 BKM vs. High Point - Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On good shot selection ... "I was really pleased with our shot selection. I thought we played great team basketball, and we had to. We had different personnel, and lineups and combinations and I thought our players really responded well. We talked in the locker room about us being a team and that regardless of what player are wearing the Michigan uniform, it still says Michigan. I though Dani Wohl's performance and the way John Andrews played was very good. Obviously Chris Hunter was just a force for us in the paint and got us off to a good start. I thought that was key for us to set the tone early and Chris really was responsible."

On transition defense ... "We made that a point of emphasis for us. We worked on it for the past two days and we certainly talked about it in the pre game keys for us to win this ball game. As you mentioned, they are quick. They are quick and they are fast, but I thought they were a little tired. I think its obvious with the stretch that they've had and the travel issues they've had, but I thought our guys responded well with the way we played defense. I was disappointed in the way that we rebounded the ball in the first half, but then in the second half we regained that edge and won the rebounding battle in the end."

On the play of Chris Hunter ... "He was very strong and I thought he was very focused. I think he knew out of the blocks that we needed him to command the middle for us and control the paint on both ends of the floor. I think its a great point that if you watch a person with how he receives the ball, that says a lot and he really went after the basketball and set the tone for how is play was going to be based on his effort to received the ball. I think he played according to that with a very strong performance. I thought he was able to give us a edge out of the blocks early."

On if he is surprised by the play of John Andrews ... "We are not surprised, we're pleased. we always thought that he was a solid basketball player and were pleased that he decided he wanted to be at Michigan instead of accepting basketball scholarships to other universities. We always thought he was going to be able to help us at some point. We didn't know if it would be this early in his career, but certainly we felt that he was going to be a quality player. He's a tough kid and he's a smart kid and he plays that way."

On if the team effort makes the win sweeter ... "We feel really good about this win. We talked to our players about this being a great team effort. We are a basketball team and we say that great teams have great teammates. I think we have great teammates in this locker room. We were very pleased with how they were able to step forward in a situation that no one could plan for. As you mentioned, Dion (Harris) and Brent (Petway) weren't particularly sharp, but their presence out there is critical. They are certainly big weapons for us. Dion didn't score the ball as well as he can hopefully do in the future, but he is certainly a valued member and certainly a good weapon for out team."

Junior Chris Hunter

On the game ... "I think it was a good test for us. We showed that we are a deep team. We had guys stepping in and playing key roles like Dani (Wohl) and John (Andrews) giving us key minutes. It was good for us."

On his presence in the paint early in the game ... "That was the game plan coming in. We knew we had an advantage in the low blocks, so I just tried to be aggressive down there. Guys like John (Andrews) and Ron (Coleman) and Dion (Harris) were looking for me early and I was able to make shots."

On the team stepping up ... "It was a tough couple of days for us finding out that we lost three guys for an uncertain period of time. We were successful and we stepped up and played hard and I think its just going to make us better."

Junior Dani Wohl

On his opportunity tonight ... "The situation with Daniel (Horton) hurt, I just needed to be ready and keep myself ready at all times if coach calls on me. I just tried to capitalize on that opportunity. Tonight I just tried to come out there and try and help the team and give us a lift and some energy and do whatever I could do. I tried to fill Daniel's role. Obviously it is huge feet to fill, but whatever I could do to help the team, I just tried to do that tonight."

On getting points off turnovers ... "To give them a lot of credit, they are a quick, athletic, explosive team and it was a great job by us to try and contain them. They got a couple of break-away lay ups but for the most part we did a great job on 'D' focusing on stopping the ball."

Sophomore John Andrews

On his performance ... "Obviously we have some guys out, so members of the team had to step up and fill different roles. Playing a team like High Point, we had a size advantage so we had to pound the ball inside and get easy buckets around the basket."

On his increase in confidence ... "I do get more confidence. Every game I'm out there I get a better feel for the game. It's different because last year I didn't play that much so I am trying to find my role and niche on the team. As I play and get more time, I get more comfortable out there."

High Point Coach Bart Lundy

On his team's performance ... "I thought we played well. We got good shots and ran our sets well. You're not going to get many opportunities around the rim against Michigan. They have had guard injuries, but they are just enormous and long. I told are guys that there are certain NBA teams that can't challenge around the rim like Michigan can. We made some jump shots but there were a lot of wide open ones we didn't make. That was our downfall and we knew going in that we had to make a lot of perimeter shots to have a chance. We did make nine threes, which was great. I'm proud of our guys. We set great screens, and we had just a few turnovers against high-quality pressure. I wish we could have made a couple shots down the stretch and made it a down-to-the-wire game, but I am pleased with our guys."

High Point Junior Titus Byrd

On playing the point ... "I feel more comfortable with the ball in my hand. It was kind of awkward for me in the two-guard position, because I had to wait for it. I feel better; I feel more comfortable handling the ball and making the plays for others. I feel like I can help the team more at the point guard. I felt like I did well tonight, but we did not come out with the win."

On how Coach Lundy felt the team played ... "He was happy with the way we played, but he wasn't satisfied because we didn't win. You're never satisfied with a loss. We hung in there. Besides the fouls we committed in the back court, which led to their free-throws, I think we could have pulled off the win."

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