2005-06 BKM vs. Delaware State -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On the Wolverines 6-0 start ... "We are very proud of that and I think they feel very good it. We talked about this as a significant moment for our program -- to have an opportunity to have six victories in six games. After some of the things that these kids have been through, like being 0-6 at one point, they should feel very good. Now we are going to see if we can win on the road another time. This is going to be our third road game coming up with this group and it would be unprecedented for our team to have that this early in the season."

On Michigan's defense ... "I thought our zone in the second half really affected them. We are pretty big. We had a hard time trying to chase them around for awhile and they were getting confidence and driving the ball against some of our bigger players. So we went zone and I thought that made a difference. Things can become contagious in basketball, so I thought when they missed a few shots that that would affect their entire team. I thought that was one of the bigger differences for us."

On the maturity of his players ... "We talked about being veterans and we talked about having a mature team, and finding out if we could take care of our business here this evening. I thought we did things in spurts. Certainly at that moment when we had to respond we did. I thought our inside game, especially out of Courtney Sims, was absolutely tremendous. We thought he could have had a big night. It should have been even bigger than what he had. I was very pleased with how our players were looking for him, and he was the difference for us offensively."

On Courtney Sims' performance ... "I thought our perimeter players and all of our players were really looking for him. We made a point of emphasis in making sure that we wanted to get it inside. I thought Courtney would be the big target. We started off early and got to the point where he was hitting some buckets and I felt he was confidence. He made seven out of 10 free throws when he did get fouled. That's a pretty good percentage for a big guy there. I just thought his efficiency inside and his ability to catch it high and finish high and not bring the ball down where the little guys can rat and get at it and get after it. I thought that was a good thing."

On the convincing win ... "We have a lot of respect for their program and the things that they have accomplished, and their system and their style. They are very difficult to play against and so I think for us to have a 20-point margin of victory is a pretty significant job by our team given the way they have played other opponents of our caliber. We are very pleased with that. I thought we had the mindset coming in here knowing that it was going to be a tough night and that we could not take anyone lightly. We certainly put up a gallant fight and I was very pleased with the way we handled the situation. I was disappointed with the way we handled the ball -- 17 turnovers. Certainly that is something that we need to work on."

U-M Senior Forward Graham Brown

On his career high rebound night ... "I was just trying to attack the glass. We weren't getting that many rebounds. I just tried to do whatever I could to attack the glass and get a couple of rebounds for our team. That seems to have been helping us out a lot the last couple of games. Just getting a couple of easy tip-backs and a couple of more possessions, it just seems to have been helping us out."

U-M Junior Center Courtney Sims

On his career high-scoring night and inside presence ... "I had the weight advantage and the height advantage. I have to give a lot of credit to my guards. They just kept getting me the ball in good places, and Graham was rebounding. It was really about my guards. I just played hard and the guards just kept giving me the ball. I just got into good position and got some easy buckets."

U-M Junior Guard Dion Harris

On his first half buzzer-beater ... "I knew the release was good and I just followed through. I knew it was good once it left my hand. It gave us the momentum going into the second half."

Delaware State Coach Greg Jackson

On the difference between the first half and the second half ... "I thought their talent level and strength took a toll on us. They were able to get the ball inside and we could not match their effort. Anytime you play against a team on this level that are stronger than you inside it is difficult to execute."

On Michigan's out rebounding Delaware made a difference in the game ... "They are a much bigger team. They were more aggressive on the backboard, but anytime a team out rebounds you 43-18 you will have more second chance points. We came out the second half and tried to snap the run, but once they got going there was nothing we could do."

Delaware State Junior Guard Jahsha Bluntt

On the game ... "It was a tough game, but everyone on the team came out and played hard. That I can't question. We just came off a real long road trip, so a lot of us are a little fatigue, but our hearts weren't fatigue. We missed a lot of open shots and we weren't getting back on transitions like we should."

On the major difference between the first and second half ... "I think one of the major things was that they were getting all those baskets on transitions. I think if we would have got back and played defense like we should have it would have been a closer game. I think doing that would have covered us missing those other shots."

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