2001-02 BKM vs. Duke -- quotes

U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement ... "Certainly we saw first-hand how explosive and how great a basketball team can be. We talked with our staff and tried to look at ways to go, but they have no weakness. You have to give a lot them credit for how well they play together, how explosive a kid like Jason Williams is when his shooting is going as well for him as it was this afternoon. (Carlos) Boozer was a huge guy on the inside for us to try to handle. I was pleased with our effort. We got down hard but really fought through some things to make it competitive from our side. Chris Young was a catalyst and his presence on the inside was one big bright spot for us. Obviously, we have a long way to go until we can get to the level Duke played at tonight."

On thoughts about Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski during the game ... "I did not have any of those. Once you get on the court and you start warmup and the buzzer sounds, you get engulfed in the game and ways helping your team. I had them before the game, but during the game you're trying to find a bright spot."

On using this game as a teaching tool ... "We try to use everything as a teaching tool. We have a lot of things to work on but we will also look at the bright spots for individual play and situations. We'll look at everything as a teaching point. They had it clicking from the opening tap but we'll try to find some things to help us get better and to learn."

On learning from this game ... "Anytime you face the best, I hope we can aspire to be that way or become like that. Sometimes you can learn from experiences. I am hoping that our kids can look at the way things unfolded today. One of these is how fragile a game can be at the beginning and I'm sure there are a lot of things we'll point to and learn from."

On things he personally learned ... "We'll look at things we did. I'm sure we'll go over that and we'll look at ways we prepared our kids. The evaluation doesn't just stop with the players."

On the atmosphere in Crisler Arena ... "I thought it was a great atmosphere. I wished that we could have played better for our fans. I thought that they were really anxious and eager to get behind us. They stayed with us. I'm very happy about that. I'm hoping that's the enviroment we can have, but that will depend on how we play."

On Dommanic Ingerson's play off the bench ... "He has helped us a lot. Dom has given us an opportunity to go to him off the bench. He is able to create his own shot, and when you are playing a tough defense like this it's hard to run things. Then you need an individual to break a defense down. (Chuck) Bailey and him are giving us minutes and they made some good plays, but they also had some glaring mistakes like we all did."

On having Leon Jones back in lineup ... "More than anything else, he gives us an experienced perimeter player. Leon is one of our captains and having his presence on the floor is huge for us. It is something that we are going to need throughout this year."

On Michigan's rebuilding effort ... "I think we're on the right track with our rebuilding effort. I think the effort of our kids, which may not reflect in wins in losses, I think that's first and foremost. The support we're receiving and our recruiting effort has gone well for us. We're pleased in the direction we're going."

U-M Senior Center Chris Young

On falling behind early ... "That first five minutes of the game we were not getting into our offensive sets, we were taking quick shots, and we were not getting back on defense. They went on a nice little run and that was it. We just could not recover. After that we settled down and started running our offense and getting back on defense, but those first five minutes killed us."

On scoring 25 points ... "It is great but I would have rather have not scored a point and gotten a win than score what I did and lose."

On posting back-to-back career games ... "I do not know if I am in a zone but I just have a lot of confidence right now. I think a lot of it has to do with the confidence that my teammates have in me that I am going to be smart with the ball, make a good move, or kick it out to them. They are really looking for me."

U-M Freshman Guard Dommanic Ingerson

On Duke's opening run ... "I did not see the game last year but we just have to keep playing hard. We need to execute better on defense. That is the most important."

U-M Senior Guard Leon Jones

On coming off the bench ... "I just try to contribute. When you are on the bench you get a chance to see what is going wrong and what is going right. I just tried to come in and give us something because we seemed a little flat."

On his thumb injury ... "It is still sore but it never hurts in the heat of the battle."

On his perspective because of time on bench due to injury ... "Anytime you are on the bench you see the game from a different perspective and it helps you when you get in the game. This is just my third game of the year and I am still trying to find my groove. Hopefully we can turn this thing around."

Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Opening statement ... "I was really pleased with the effort from my team. We had a lot of respect for Tommy's (Amaker) team and it showed because we were ready to play. The crowd was great and it was a terrific atmosphere and we expected his team to play as hard as it did. We got off to a fast start with our fast break and Jason Williams was spectacular. Jason and Chris Duhon are becoming very comfortable, and like any team, it takes a little while to get going. I think we can get better, although I thought we played really well today and I think Tommy's team played well today. Chris Young was sensational. He was very difficult to defend in the post and they do really good things to get him the ball. Defending Michigan, they have shot their free throws well and they have put themselves in the position to draw fouls. I think if they play with that intensity and realize that Young is a real weapon -- I don't think you could say that about him two years ago, but now he's a weapon. He's going to put up double-doubles most of the time this year. Dommanic Ingerson gave them a lift off the bench and they played with energy. They could have gone away but the crowd helped them and they helped themselves. We feel good about the win and we felt we beat a good team."

On Michigan's rebuilding process ... "We had to do it at Duke and Tommy has to do it here. This is a great school. I've always loved Michigan and respected them and Tommy is a perfect fit for this school. They are together and they love to play. One of the things about coaching is realizing what are your weapons. I think what he is doing with Chris Young is one of the better things a coach is doing around the country. Young is very good. He didn't just have a good game, Young is very good. The way they use him, they are tough to defend because of Blanchard extending you it's tough to double down. It's well conceived how they get him the ball. I see that as Tommy putting his mark on his program already."

On head coach Tommy Amaker ... "I saw Tommy last night when we came to have our shoot-around. The very first feeling I had was of pride. I love Tommy. Tommy is like a son to me. There has been no one who has played for me or coached for me longer than Tommy. If you ask my daughters who their brothers are, Tommy is one of them. I've known Tommy since he was a sophomore in high school. I feel I'm a part of his life and he feels the same way about me. I hope you have those feelings about someone in your life. It just so happens that I had to coach against him today. I don't particularly like that but once the game started, I was focused on the game."

On how Amaker will fit into the Michigan tradition ... "One, he'll represent his school in a manner in which it should be respected. Tommy is worthy of the commitment Michigan has given to him and he'll prove that. Tommy's straight and his kids will love to play for him. It's such a good fit and I'm so happy for him. You'll see his personality coming out more and more but it takes time. This team will be better than you think."

Duke Junior Forward Mike Dunleavy

On his thoughts on the game ... "It was a well-played game by us start to finish. They had a fairly tough crowd and some talented players so we wanted to take them out of the game early. I thought we did a good job of that. Jason Williams really got us going with some big threes and he scored pretty much every time down the court. That was how we wanted to play."

On his rebounding performance ... "That's what I do. I'm playing against bigger guys a lot and I'm forced to go down there and rebound and clear balls for this team and that's something I've been doing all year long."

Duke Sophomore Guard Chris Duhon

On the game ... "We came out playing really well. We jumped on them early and that's what we wanted to do. It was our first real away game, playing on somebody else's court, and we just wanted to silence the crowd. We came out and Jason Williams hit some big shots and we played great defense and that set the tone for the rest of the game."

On how he felt distributing the ball ... "I'm learning my role more and more with each game. My goal is to get everybody involved and play a great floor game."

Duke Junior Guard Jason Williams

On Duke's defense ... "Well, defense always sets the tone first. For us, our defense always creates our offense."

On his career-high 35 points ... "It didn't even feel like a career high. I think with this team there are a lot of guys who are capable of scoring a lot of points. The game just came to me today. I was getting open and the other guys did a great job of finding me and setting screens for me."

On his shooting performance ... "I was just out there and I shot the ball and it went in. That's actually what I think makes it so great to play here, because when you play you're not thinking about your shot. You're thinking about everything else going on. You're worrying about defense and doing all these different things and it just makes your offense come much easier."

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