Bartelstein Blog: Resiliency, Three Things About Max, Fantasy Stretch Run
Josh Bartelstein

Dec. 8, 2011

What's up everyone?

A lot has happened since I last wrote, especially because our schedule has been crazy. This is by far the most games we have played before finals since I have been here and clearly the most traveling we have done.

Saturday was a good test for us. Iowa State is an extremely talented team that has a bunch of former Big Ten players on it. But more importantly, we needed to show resiliency and bounce back. After a real tough loss at Virginia, losing two in a row was not an option, especially a game at home.

We took care of business, which is what you have to do when you play in the best conference in America. It is hard enough to win games in the Big Ten, however, the best teams are the ones that can rebound from tough losses and take care of their home court. That needs to be part of our identity all year, so it was great to see it Saturday.

I have received a bunch of questions on Max Bielfeldt.

Things you need to know about Max: One, he has the biggest calves in the world. Two, he sets a mean screen and by the time he graduates, it may be up there with Graham Brown. Three, he is the next Brian Cardinal -- can really shoot, strong as heck and plays the game the right way.

Okay, on a serious note, Max is doing great and continues to get better and better. It is amazing how much freshmen improve in just a short time. Once he got comfortable with our routine every day, he has started to play really well. His time will come and until then he is an extremely important member of the scout team.

All year long, I have written in this blog just to be patient with my fantasy team. Everyone had given up on my squad, but I kept hope and knew when my team got healthy, good things would happen. Sure enough with one week to go in the season, I have moved into fourth place and a win this week means I make the playoffs. (I don't see Jordan Morgan making the playoffs, do you?)

Here are the updated standings:
Max 12-1
Evan 9-4
Stu 7-6
Josh 7-6
Zack 7-7
Matt 6-7
Jordan 6-7
Blake 5-8
Sai 5-8
JD 2-11

I hope we see a ton of Michigan fans at the Palace this Saturday against Oakland. They are a very talented team who has already knocked off Tennessee for the second time in two years.

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