The Bartelstein Blog: Entry 14, Team Effort, Jon's Hoodies, Love Karma

Dec. 14, 2010

Sophomore guard Josh Bartelstein will give an inside look all season at the 2010-11 version of the Wolverines.

Hey everyone, hope you are all staying warm even though I think that's impossible.

We had a huge win over Utah on Friday night that was a total team effort -- Darius (Morris) recording another double-double, Zack's (Novak) almost getting another, Tim's (Hardaway Jr) 17 points, to Jon (Horford) playing a great game off the bench.

Another bench contributor -- Matt (Vogrich) -- had another solid effort, and you can tell his confidence is really on the rise. We all expect all of his jumpers to go in whenever they leave his hand, and he knocked down a few good ones.

All of this is good, but the highlight of the night has to be my man Tim, who just exploded to start the second half and had a monster dunk. I can tell you after the game Tim and I went out to dinner and all he wanted to do was see the replay of his dunk. He couldn't stop smiling.

As I mentioned, a huge key to the game last week was big Jon, who is a unique human being, and we love having him on our team. Jon is guaranteed to make you laugh every practice just because he is well, just Jon. He says some things that make you scratch your head and his fashion sense is one of a kind -- he loves the tight jeans and the bright colored hoodies -- it's almost a guarantee he wears it to practice.

One thing that is clear however, is how much better Jon has gotten since he arrived on campus. This is partially from working with the great Bacari Alexander, but a lot has to due with the fact of how hard he works. (SIDE NOTE: please follow Coach Alexander on twitter if you aren't already @Bacari34. Trust me, it is worth it)

There is no better example of this then after the Concordia game when Jon went to get up shots, run and shoot free throws while they were cleaning the court. So while the Crisler staff was picking up garbage and media were writing its stories, Horford was getting his hook shot cleaned up. Any time a player as talented as Horford cares as much as he does; it is a scary combination for success. I think Jon is going to be a special player; one all you Wolverine fans are going to be happy to have wearing the Maize and Blue.

And now ... back to the weather.

The worst part of this weather has to be dealing with car issues. Whether it is traffic or your car just not starting, this weather causes issues. Which brings me to Zack, who as you all remember played a funny joke on me with the lottery tickets. I told Zack karma would come back to get him and guess what, it did.

His car is officially dead, gone and not coming back anytime soon. Evan (Smotrycz) is part of the issue because he apparently left Zack's lights on when moving his car earlier in the week. And for the last two weeks, Zack's car has been dying periodically. You can always tell when Zack's car isn't working properly because the doors are being slammed and horns are being honked.

Well after dinner tonight, his car died and could not be re-charged. Jordan (Morgan) came to the rescue it and gave it a jump, but Zack had to put his car in neutral at every stoplight and barely made it into our garage. I told Zack I wouldn't have to get him back, karma did its job.

Hope to see everyone at the game tonight as we play a very talented and athletic team from N.C. Central. Should be a good one!

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