Bartelstein Blog: The Recaps, The Return of Rory, The Scarf, The Playoffs
Josh Bartelstein

Dec. 16, 2011

What's up everyone?

I'm taking a break from studying from finals so I can give you an update on the team. We have had two more games since I last wrote, an offensive masterpiece against Oakland and a sloppy win over Arkansas-Pine Bluff -- which we have to give them a ton of credit for competing to the end.

The Oakland game was a lot of fun for a couple reasons. One, playing at the Palace of Auburn Hills was a very cool experience and it was great to see so many Michigan fans out there, just proving again why you are the best.

Also, my man Rory, who I wrote about a ton last year, was at the game and I got to talk to him for a little. He is doing great; his cancer is in remission and he is back in school and cheering on Michigan as loud as ever. There is no doubt the reason we made 15 threes and scored 90 points was because he was there. It also helps when Timmy (Hardaway Jr.), Trey (Burke) and Stu (Douglass) are on fire.

The day after the Oakland game, I got to the gym early to get some extra shots up and Corey (Person) was already in there shooting. When I was looking at his shot, something didn't seem right and after a few minutes Matt (Vogrich) and myself figured out exactly what it was -- Corey was shooting with a women's ball!

Now two things quickly came to my mind -- one, why was he making so many shots and two, I cannot make fun of Illinois and Oakland anymore for playing with a women's ball for the first half of their game last year because now one of our own had fallen into the same trap. Matt and I watched from the corner for a while and then just asked him if he noticed anything a little different with his ball. Of course, he had no clue until we threw him a men's ball and immediately the shot didn't look the same.

Okay, changing it up a bit. I was very proud of Tim this week and it had nothing to do with basketball.

Ever since Tim arrived on campus last year, he has tried to dress like me and partially like Evan (Smotrycz). I have tried to teach him the tricks of the trade, but it has been a slow process. Well, this week Tim showed up to practice with a scarf on. Yes, a scarf! I knew the transformation was complete.

Tim would never have worn a scarf before coming here. Now I know he came from Miami, which means he would have no use for the scarf, but it was the sophistication of the look that proved to me a light bulb had gone off. For me personally, I'm not a scarf guy; however, Evan is, so he deserves some credit for that. It is great to know Tim has hatched from his cocoon and doesn't need me anymore. My little Timmy has grown so much! HA!

Onto more important matters -- fantasy football playoffs started this week.

The matchups are Max (Bielfeldt) against me in the 1-4 game and Evan against Stu in 2-3. As a said all along, my team would make the playoffs and sure enough I don't see all my haters like Matt, Zack (Novak) and Jordan (Morgan) listed above.

I will update you on the semifinals next week.

We hope to see you at Crisler for our next two games against Alabama A&M and Bradley (the return of Patrick Beilein). Your support is always needed and appreciated.

Keep sending in your questions to and I will continue to address them in the blog.

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