2005-06 BKM vs. UCLA -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On Michigan's offense ... "There are times when teams are doing something to take you out of the game with two players. We were trying to emphasize to our players that that is a good thing, because now we have four of our players against three of theirs. So we have an advantage if we can make the play out of the trap. We had great shots and I am so disappointed we didn't cash in, because we had wide open threes a number of times off their double team, which probably would have made them think again about double teaming. You see Horton 0-7 from the three and we didn't shoot well at all from the perimeter, especially from the three, and I thought that was a difference."

On the turnovers ... "Too many silly turnovers, and certainly late in the game we had two that really broke our backs as we were making a run while trying to put ourselves in a position to win this game. Too many of those opportunities that we gave them, they were able to capitalize on and that's the mark of a really good basketball team. For our team to learn to grow, when we get opportunities we have to make sure we catch those."

On UCLA sophomore guard Arron Afflalo ... "He had his backcourt that began to step up for his team. He did a really nice job playing off (Jordan) Farmar in the second half. They played off each other very well. It was almost just the opposite production that each of those players had. I think Farmar had six or seven points in the first half and finished with 21. Afflalo had 17 points in the first half and finished with 20. I thought they did a nice job of working together and certainly they were the difference in the game."

On cutting the lead to four late in the second half ... "We were right there. We had our opportunities to make it much more interesting than it was later in the game. I am very pleased and proud of our effort to bounce back and get back in the ballgame and make it interesting. The crowd got behind us. What a crowd we had today, I was very proud to see that for our kids Certainly down the stretch we weren't able to capitalize and made a couple of costly turnovers."

U-M Senior Forward Chris Hunter

On the tough loss ... "UCLA came in here prepared to play. We had a couple of stretches where we didn't play well and they took advantage of it."

On the front court struggles ... "They had a good game plan, double teaming the post guys on the catch-in. For a stretch there, we did a good job of passing it out and finding open guys and for a stretch we didn't. They capitalized on that."

On his performance off the bench ... "I just tried to come in and give energy. With Graham (Brown) in foul trouble early, I just tried to come in and give good minutes. Luckily a couple of my shots fell down, I grabbed a couple of rebounds, and ran the floor well."

U-M Senior Lester Abram

On the play of the UCLA guards ... "I thought they did a good job. Afflalo came out and hit a lot of threes in the first half. Our goal was to come out and try to stop him in the second half. I think he only hit one shot, but they played good throughout the game."

On the offensive struggles to start the second half ... "We played too chaotic, rushing everything, had some silly turnovers. We tried to dig ourselves out of a hole. We were able to come back a little bit, but down the stretch they were hitting their free throws and it was tough to come back."

UCLA Coach Ben Howland

On keeping Courtney Sims from scoring ... "That was the game plan. I didn't know if we could top the shooting, but the double really helped us. That's what you really have to do against this really good defense. We have done that twice in a roll now."

On the win today ... "This really helps us and the RPI helps us for the strength of our conference, which is important. It gives us momentum for our conference this year and two good wins in a roll now against two outstanding teams. Anytime you win on the road, it is very good place to be."

UCLA Sophomore Guard Aaron Afflalo

On Michigan's run ... "I did notice that we hadn't scored and we were approaching the 15-minute mark and we were pass the first TV timeout, and we hadn't got a score in. Myself and Jordan (Farmar) being the primary scorers, someone had to take the initiative."

On what coach said to him during the timeout ... "I can't repeat that. I did apologize to him numerous times. That is definitely out of my character and not involved in the game. I was just a little over intense."

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