2001-02 BKM vs. Eastern Michigan -- quotes
U-M Head Coach Tommy Amaker

Opening statement ... "I thought we had a great team effort and a great team win. We talked about how we were concerned with kids coming off finals and it showed early with Eastern coming out and getting an early lead. (Dommanic) Ingerson was tremendous, giving us a shot in the arm. It was nice to see LaVell (Blanchard) and Bernard (Robinson Jr.) play well and get some shots to fall. Our team is much better with those guys playing well, especially with Eastern collapsing on Chris Young."

On sophomore point guard Avery Queen ... "We suspended Avery for this game for violation of team rules."

On sophomore center Josh Moore ... "Josh is academically ineligible and that carries through this semester. We will then evaluate him and see how he handles that portion of his college career and that is the most important thing. Classes start on January 7. He's been dealing with his (back) injury all year, but he was declared ineligible because of his grades that were reported in. If he can't play or practice, we feel his time will be better served working on his academic standing. All the guys have the opportunity to prove themselves, but he needs to do better in the classroom."

On freshman guard Marcus Bennett ... "I wish I could elaborate on Marcus more, but there are privacy issues he's dealing with and we want to respect that. He's a kid we're very fond of and we're disappointed not having him here. We're very proud of him and we want things to work out for him."

On the progress of Dommanic Ingerson ... "It's a delicate balance. He's a talent and you have to have to give him a little bit longer leash, I hate that term. He needs that. There are times my patience runs thin with him but we're teaching. He is as coachable as anyone on this team and he's been great to work with. We talk to Dom about decisions and judgment and those are the two words we use a lot in coaching him. The antics at times he can display, we're not trying to put a wet towel on his emotions, but he's not the player right now that can afford mental lapses. Going from one play to the next and the concentration, it takes time for him and he struggles with that."

On the next part of the season ... "Part of this segment is to win today and then have a good and safe holiday. Then we'll meet in San Francisco. We need to see if we can win away from home against a very athletic team. Once we play at San Francisco, we start the Big Ten schedule and it's going to be crucial for us."

Sophomore Wing Bernard Robinson Jr.

On the team's sluggish start ... "I thought we came out real sluggish and a little lackadaisical. We were not doing what Coach (Amaker) was telling us to and he got on us early. We were really looking for somebody to give us a spurt. We responded well and scored the next five points. The big thing that we did is we did not worry about the nine-point deficit and kept our composure. I think we are getting better in that we did not start to worry. We just kept playing our game and as a result we were able to win the game."

On his second-half scoring ... "The options were there for me to score. I did not go into the half looking to score. They options were there for me to shoot so that is what I did. If they had not been there, I would have passed it off. Being able to get the ball into the open floor really helped me and the team in the second half."

Junior Wing LaVell Blanchard

On the sluggish start ... "They just made their shots. They made three quick shots including a three-pointer and we were lucky enough to get back in it. We had to dig it out because they are a good team."

On having two weeks off ... "I think it helped me in that I was able to take time to look at tape and see what I was doing wrong. Coach (Amaker) sat down with me a few times and talked with me about what I need to do to get back into the offense and to improve. I really focused on what he said and tried to play my game. We had some tough practices though so it did not seem like much of a let-off."

Freshman Guard Dommanic Ingerson

On his role as a freshman ... "I am just trying to get better everyday and take it one day at a time. I just have to do what makes the team better."

On his three-point shooting ... "Coach (Amaker) says it is good shot when I am open. If the defense is tight on me, I am going to take it to the basket and try to get someone else a shot. If I am open I am going to take it."

Eastern Michigan Head Coach Jim Boone

On the game ... "I am very disappointed right now. We are a better basketball team than what we displayed tonight. We have had a tough time all year with physical teams. I thought Michigan did a good job of coming out and making this into a physical game. It was very good strategy on their part."

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