2006-07 BKM at UCLA -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan coach Tommy Amaker

On the game against No. 1 UCLA ... "It was very tough (game). We give them the credit that they are due today. They played an exceptional game. Their quickness was outstanding as we had a chance to witness first hand. They shot the ball at an incredible percentage. We got on our heels right away. They really knocked us back a bit. It certainly was a snowball that was coming and we couldn't stop them."

On the Wolverines 23 turnovers against UCLA ... "A season-high for us ... yes ... very disappointing for our veterans to value the ball like they did this afternoon. Certainly that was a big reason for their run outs, leak outs and opportunities for them to get up and down in transition and play free wheeling basketball."

On if he had the sense that some of the Wolverines were doing more than what they are used to .. "Yeah I did feel that. I think that happens when you get knocked back and little bit. They were just trying to dig it out and trying to do more to help us out. Sometimes when you try to do that it becomes a little bit like quicksand. The harder you try at certain situations, the more it feels like you are sinking down. It certainly felt like we had a lot of that happen with some of our kids today. UCLA played with an incredible spirit, passion and deserved everything that happened for them this afternoon."

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