Cole's World: Sorry for the Delay; However, I am Back
Cole McConnell

Dec. 23, 2013

I'd like to apologize for the long wait for my next blog entry.

It's been awhile, however, I've been "doing me" recently, so I have not gotten around to writing a blog until now. You may be wondering what "doing me" means. Unfortunately, I am not a liberty to discuss the full meaning of it. Pretty much I've just been living life of a college student and finishing the first semester. Oh that and just living suave.

As I write this blog, we are sitting at seven wins and four losses. Right now, the maturity and growth our team has gone through since the first game is astonishing. From the hostile road environments we encountered to the beautiful trip to Puerto Rico we have evolved into virtually a new team.

Our two main road opponents so far have been at Iowa State and at Duke. Both places have student sections that are NUTS. Let me first begin with focusing on the Iowa State game because for some reason that game really sticks with me.

Coach Beilein stressed how loud the gym was going to be, but I don't think any of us anticipated it to actually be that loud. I mean that gym was BUMPING. (It didn't faze me at all though. I still had 15 points in warmups.)

When the game arrived, our coaches' scouting reports proved accurate. Iowa State is a talented and well-coached team with lots of senior leadership. They played extremely hard for 40 minutes and made big shots down the stretch. While we may have lost in the end, the game proved very valuable for us.

First, I think every Iowa State fan learned Nik (Stauskas) is more than just a shooter. His dunk was impressive enough to make 14,000 screaming fans go dead silent for just about five seconds. (Normally that only happens when I check in because the crowd does a moment of silence for the person guarding me.) Second, Iowa State was the first game Mitch (McGary) played in this season.

And then there was the Duke game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Obviously Duke has a notorious fan section, the Cameron Crazies. I know many of us have been thinking about that game since the day our schedule was released. Unfortunately, we did not come out the way we could have and could not overcome the initial deficit. We ended up losing, but once again that game was a great learning experience. After this game, we have seen the harshest road environments and heard just about everything opposing fans can say.

By the time of the Arizona game, we were virtually a completely new team. We hit first. We did the little things that win games. We gave everything we had. Unfortunately, we came up one possession short and lost the game.

Yes, beating Arizona would have been a huge win for us, but this loss brought us new knowledge on the season. Most importantly, we learned it is not easy to be a championship-caliber team, and it is a longer journey than any of us anticipated. Fortunately, it's a long season so there will be high points and low points. It's all part of the ride.

Enough with the serious talk, time to look back at another road trip we had.

There are always two stories that come with an injury. There is the truth, and there is the "real story." Let's use my broken foot as an example. The truth is I planted wrong at practice and broke my fifth metatarsal.

The "real story" goes a bit differently. I saw a puppy in the middle of the road slip on ice, and this puppy was unable to get up. There were cars speeding towards it, so I sprinted into the street and saved the puppy. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my foot out of the way in time and broke my foot.

That is the "real story" that I tell to any anyone that will listen. Believe whichever you want, but we all know my "real story" is more accurate.

As many of you know, we ventured to Puerto Rico a little while ago. Shout out to all the fans that came out; you guys killed it! The Puerto Rico Alumni Group was just spectacular.

I've decided to explain Andrew (Dakich), Max (Bielfeldt) and Jon's (Horford) personalities in three simple sentences based off of my observations from this trip.

1. Andrew is the type of person to take a picture of himself on the beach at sunset and make a really emotional caption.
2. Max is the type of person to go snorkeling in the ocean for hours and try to find Nemo because he believes 'Finding Nemo' is based on a true story.
3. Jon is the type of person to do yoga at 5 a.m. on the beach trying to learn the true meaning of life.

I truly think I saw all three happen on more than one occasion.

Alright everyone, until next time. On behalf of the entire Michigan Basketball program, we want to wish everyone a great, safe and fun holiday season.

Your boy's work is done. Stay chill. See you in the New Year!

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