2004-05 BKM vs. UNC-Asheville -- Postgame Quotes

Michigan Coach Tommy Amaker

On the number of assists ... "The first thing I always look at is assists and turnovers and then I go down the line to look at rebounding differential. Certainly I was pleased and proud of our guys with 22 assists this afternoon. They were incredibly unselfish and efficient on the offensive end. In particular Dion Harris had eight assists and just one turnover from the point guard position. Those are some really positive things for our kids. When we mentioned it to them I think they were surprised to hear the number of 22 assists."

On being able to play the entire team ... "It is a great opportunity to continue to build on team morale and camaraderie and the chemistry of our team. Those kids do a number of things for our program that don't necessarily show up in a lot of ways where most people can see like in a ballgame or on the TV or in the newspaper. They are valuable members and for them to have a chance to get into the game and to do good things. I mentioned Amadou Ba did everything right in his minute and a half on the floor. Those minutes are valuable. We don't think of those as garbage time. Minutes on the clock are valuable time for Michigan basketball."

On the big runs at the end of the first half and during the second half ... "We were talking about this as an opportunity for us to show we can finish a half in the right way. We were really pleased with that. We talked about that, we worked on that and we did that. I thought our kids were really tough-minded at the end of the first half when we got a lead there. I though our zone really helped us there. They struggled to make shots against our zone. We stayed in it and we extended it and we were able to run out of the zone. When they missed, we got the long rebound and were able to score. I was really pleased at how we played and sustained effort throughout with different combinations of players and solid play throughout a nice team effort."

On an 8-5 record heading into the Big Ten season ... "I think we are growing. I am really pleased with that because we talk about growth and development and we always talk about that if you are going to be a success you have to maximize who you are and where you are. Certainly that is going to change a lot and we have been the recipient of some changes recently. I think we are starting to grow and jell a little better. We have to do that on the road and that is one of the things that we were able to do in Los Angeles. We didn't come up with the victory, but I thought we used that in the right way to win these two games since we came back from the holiday. I think that was really a shot in the arm of confidence for our kids."

U-M Junior Chris Hunter

On the victory ... "It was a good game for us, I think a lot of people played well and gave us a lot of good minutes. I think Dion (Harris) set the tone for us early, running us and playing good defense out front. I think a lot of people came in and contributed."

On Michigan's recent success in the paint ... "It's something we have to focus on. We have an advantage down there and the guards are doing a good job of looking for us and screening for us. They're able to get us the ball in certain situations where we can do something with it. If we continue to do that, then we'll continue to be dominant in the post."

U-M Sophomore Dion Harris

On protecting and distributing the ball ... "Coach got on us, me in particular, about running our team and making sure we were taking care of the ball. He put all that on me since I'm running the point guard position. I made it a point to make sure that we came out today and ran our plays and take care of the ball."

On the 15-0 run in the first half ... "I think it was in part to our defense and rebounding. I think we rebounded and got it out to push up the court. We explored our options and got a couple of fast break points. We got good shots and easy baskets."

U-M Freshman Ron Coleman

On his career-high 17 points and his recent success ... "I'm just going out and playing my game, knowing that I can compete with these players and help my team out. I've been taking open shots and good shots. I've been listening to my coach and have just been going out there and playing hard."

On the Big Ten opener at Iowa ... "It's going to be a new experience for me because I've never played against a Big Ten team. I'm looking forward to competing in the conference and I'm looking to have a great game."

UNC-Asheville Coach Ed Beidenbach

On the game ... "Michigan has some injured players, which keeps them from being at their best, but I thought the guys that were here played real well, particularly Harris and their two guys inside. When they get those other guys back, they are going to be very effective. We are very injured at this point. We have a lot of guys who are out, and we haven't had the kind of practices to get where we need to be with this team. We have a long way to go. We didn't play as good as we could have played tonight, but a lot of that can be a credit to Michigan, making us scramble."

On the turning point in the game ... "I think early in the game, we got behind on some turnovers and some touch fouls. We didn't shoot any free throws in the first half, and they did. They got a little bit of a spread on us and they were able to relax. We didn't keep any pressure on them, so I thought they passed and played freely. We need to keep the game close, so they need to worry about shooting the ball and playing defense among other things. We never put that kind of pressure on them. Early in the game they were able to get up by enough of a margin that they were able to play loose and easy."

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