The Bartelstein Blog: Entry 17, Q&A time, the Wizard and B-School Food

Dec. 31, 2010

Sophomore guard Josh Bartelstein will give an inside look all season at the 2010-11 version of the Wolverines.

Hey everyone! Before I begin, I wanted to wish you and your family all a Happy New Year as 2011 quickly approaches. As for us, we will be ringing in the year by seeing a team movie tomorrow night as the clock approaches midnight.

Okay, I know what happened? All I can say is the Purdue game was very tough in that we gave them such a big early lead and then battled back so hard only to lose it late in the second half. The good thing is we have had a couple days of really good practice to fix some things we needed to address from the game. We keep learning and the film was very valuable.

We are finishing up the last little break between games before it gets crazy with travel and games twice a week. Ah Big Ten season. We can get into a routine where you have two days to prepare for a team, there is no looking back now. But hey, this is the best part of the season!

Now to some of your great questions I promised to get to.

FROM Kristie

Enjoy your blog I am a faithful reader. My question is ... who is the smartest student on the team? My guess is Corey Person.

This is a very controversial question Kristie. First off I'm not sure if you're Corey's sister or cousin, but you would have a lot of people nominate themselves for the smartest player on the team. Jordan Morgan is in the engineering school, which is no joke, so he has to be nominated, Zack Novak and Matt Vogrich are both in the business school and that is one of the top schools in the country.

On a side note, the best part of our business school has to be the cafeteria. I'm telling you this place has everything and it is fresh. I don't want to be in the school, just access to the food area.

Okay, I am back. As long as no math is involved, I will nominate myself as well for this honor as well. Corey probably ranks up there as well, but he doesn't get to class on time enough!


1) In practice, what percentage of the time do you personally spend playing point guard, and what percentage at shooting guard?

I would say I play point guard and shooting guard an equal amount in practice. Coach Beilein's offense is unique in that both guard spots are the exact same, so whoever gets the ball can push it themselves.

2) In practice, does the team have different drills for the big guys and the guards? If so, what about the players who are medium-sized, like Evan Smotrycz and Colton Christian?

Yes, Drew we spend a lot of time working on skills with our different coaches. I would probably say 20 minutes of practice is devoted to just this. Coach (Bacari) Alexander works with the bigs, Coach (LaVall) Jordan with the guards and Coach (Jeff) Meyer with the wings. So players like Evan and Colton can work with Coach Meyer.

Speaking of Coach Meyer, my new nickname for him is the "wizard." No one is better at coming up with plays and little quirks to them than Coach Meyer. We always see him drawing things up and trying them out to see if they will work. He is truly a great coach!


What is the biggest adjustment or hardest thing for a freshman player to cope with?

Good question. I think the hardest think for freshmen is time management. We have very busy schedules and, if you don't manage your time right, you will fall behind in basketball but more importantly school. We don't have much time to sit back and relax, that time must go into studying.

When going through the handshake line after games, does anyone ever say anything other than "good game" or "good luck?"

No, most of the time guys are just saying good game and good luck the rest of the way. I'm sure during the game things are said in the heat of battle, but the officials really try and make sure it is all kept very clean. With all of our games being on TV, anything you say will be caught.

Lastly, I need to give a shout out to our great managers specifically John Adler and Daniel Pinedo. People don't realize how much work they put in and how important they are to the program. They work over 60 hour weeks and don't get any reward from it. As players we probably don't appreciate them enough, but John and Dan, you guys are the best and deep down all 15 players know how hard you work for us.

Again Happy New Year everyone!!

Until next year! Keep sending your questions to

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