Postgame Quotes: #23 Michigan State 28, #11 Michigan 14

Oct. 15, 2011

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• Quotes from postgame press conference

Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke Quotes

Opening Statement ... "First of all, give Mark and his staff credit. He outcoached us and outplayed us, and we have to do a much better job in a lot of different ways. Our kids fought and thought they responded well. I don't think they ever thought they were going to lose the game until the game was over."

On the play of quarterback Denard Robinson ... "He made some things happen and he always plays with a lot of energy. I don't know what he saw on the interception but I thought he held in there. Our kids prepared well all week. We had the two penalties in the first half for delay of game and those are just communication things we have to do a better job with. I think there was more competition probably at the line of scrimmage with receivers getting off, and obviously he saw a lot of pressure."

On what they need to get out of their running back group ... "To get it out of our running backs we have to get more out of our front first. From an offensive standpoint I think there's some opportunities we missed a little bit but at the same time I don't know how much movement we got consistently at the line of scrimmage."

On getting outplayed physically ... "I don't know if we got beat up, but I think they were physical and this game always is."

On playing two quarterbacks ... "We thought we may do some of it and part of it that pushed it over a little more was the wind. I think Devin at times can throw the ball a little more accurately."

On rebounding following a loss like this ... "I expect them to act like a Michigan football team, and that means that they will come to work."

On the MSU defense ... "Mark does a very good job and is a good defensive coach. His fingerprints are all over that defense. They overloaded us a little bit and they hit their timing well with snap counts. I think they did things the way you're supposed to."

On the opening kickoff in the second half ... "We were trying to squib it because of the wind, and didn't think we would get exactly what we wanted depth wise. He just didn't hit it exactly how he wanted to."

U-M Junior Safety Jordan Kovacs

On losing to Michigan State four years in a row ... "Not good. I think they did what we thought they were going to do. They came out and pounded us with the football. They were the better team today. You have to give them some credit; we didn't do exactly all the things we needed to do."

On having the bye week next week ... "Physically it's probably a good thing, but mentally I'm ready to move onto the next one. But it's probably a good thing we have the bye week so we can physically get healthy. At the same time though I'm ready for the next one."

On who played more physical today ... "I think they were definitely more physical. They pounded us, and ate us up. But we're going to take it, and improve from here. Like I said you have to give them a lot of credit."

On how this team will rebound ... "I think it's easy to say that this is the same Michigan team from the last two years, but I have no doubt in my mind that we're not. We're going to improve, learn from this game, and win."

On if he thought Michigan State played dirty or not ... "No I don't. I've played in this game before so I know how it goes."

U-M Senior Defensive Tackle Mike Martin

On Michigan's defensive problems today ... "It was a collective thing. As a defense we didn't execute. I didn't watch the film but I'd put money on it that guys weren't where they were supposed to be. Our guys weren't executing what we need to do and we weren't playing Michigan defense."

On coping with the loss ... "It's tough. You don't want that to happen, with any team especially this team. But you have to give them credit, they played well today, and they're a good football team. Plain and simple, today just didn't go our way."

How this team will rebound ... "Today is going to be tough, but you just have to bounce back. But the thing about this team is, I know for a fact this team will bounce back. Guys are hungry for the next game, and that's the biggest difference in this team."

On if the Michigan State offense beat them up ... "I feel good. I'm not beat up. I don't think they beat us up. When I think of beat up I think of bullied. We just didn't execute, didn't play Michigan defense from start to finish."

On Michigan State's personal fouls ... "We knew what type of game this was going to be. It was going to be a tough physical game, Coach (Brady Hoke) kept talking about keeping our poise and composure as a football team. I think we did a good job on that side of it; we just have to do a better job of listening to the coaches and executing what they tell us to do."

On Michigan State's celebration ... "I don't worry about that. They have a right to celebrate, they won, and they were excited. I tip my hat to them."

If Michigan State's offense met their expectations ... "They executed their game plan. They did what we expected them to do, it's what we practiced. I just don't think on our side of it we did what we needed to do."

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