Postgame Quotes: Michigan 63, Delaware State 6

Oct. 17, 2009

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Delaware State Audio: Coach Al Lavan | DSU Players

Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez

On the game ... "It really went the way we wanted it to as far as getting the first units a couple reps and getting a nice lead out there. Then we were able to get some of those young guys to play. It was as pleasing as anything to the team getting some of those fourth- and fifth-year guys in there to get a chance to play a little bit. That really got them excited."

On getting everyone playing time ... "I think it might have been over 80 guys. Everybody but the freshmen we are planning to redshirt got a chance to go in there. As I mentioned, there were fourth- and fifth-year guys who got to play for the first time. You should see the smiles on their faces and how excited they were in the locker room. These guys work so hard. They have a chance to get on the field for just one play. It's something they will think about and remember forever."

On the passing game ... "We had that planned going in. We got to let [Denard Robinson] throw a little bit and see the field. There are some things we can correct. We were a little late on some of our timing in the passing game, but at least he will get to see that on film. Nick [Sheridan] came in and we were able to do the same thing with him. Nick knows the system very well. He's like a coach out there, and he's earned the right to play a little bit. Obviously, those two young freshmen are very talented. But Nick continues to progress, and he continues to get better. It was nice to get him and David Cone in the game."

On resuming Big Ten play next week ... "It's wide open. Obviously, we stubbed our toe twice. We're behind it so we got to try and catch up. All we're going to do is try and get better, not just weekly but every day. If we do that, we will be okay."

Delaware State Head Coach Al Lavan

On the game ... "Well, we came to play an outstanding football team, and an outstanding football team showed up. Essentially, except for moments in the third quarter, they dominated us -- with our help. Make no mistake about it, Michigan played just like they played on the DVDs. They played hard, they played fast, and essentially they dominated us. I was not shocked, but I was surprised at how much the domination was.

"I think I said to Coach [Rayford] Petty at least from a defensive standpoint, we must have shared at least 150-200 yards of just simply missed tackles. And of course, when you do that with outstanding players, you've got a major league problem. And of course, player talent is involved in allowing that to happen. We, on the offensive side of the ball from our standpoint, except for moments in the third quarter and moments in the fourth quarter where we looked like a football team executing plays, we were just so inconsistent in what we were doing and trying to strategically pass the ball and run when we could. We knew it would be very difficult, but what our plan was is much like what was happening near the middle of the fourth quarter and the latter part of the third quarter, where we looked like a football team.

"I think there were moments in the kicking game where, except we got a punt block, we were quite concerned with a couple of those issues going into the game because they showed that they could rush very well from the outside and even on that particular one we simply did not count correctly. Those are the things that happen when you play a team that is executing much better than you are. On the one hand, we didn't count well and they did. As a result, we lost field position and ended up giving up the score. Overall, I thought our team's performance was not because of lack of effort -- our effort was fine -- our execution and missed assignments at times, you know they're exasperated when you play an outstanding football team. Not to be redundant, but the University of Michigan looked exactly like they do on tape. Rich [Rodriguez] has those guys playing hard. I have nothing but the greatest amount of respect for someone who can get young men to do that consistently."

On treating this game differently than any other road game ... "It's the same; every road game is a business trip for us. We treat it that way. Sure, you're going to have those moments where you have more people talking about the University of Michigan in one week than you have people talking about any other teams combined. Our approach isn't any different."

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