Postgame Quotes: Michigan 67, Illinois 65 (3OT)

Nov. 6, 2010

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• U-M coach quotes courtesy of the Michigan Sports Network postgame show
• Player quotes from the Michigan locker room

Michigan Video: Postgame Press Conference
Michigan Audio: Coach Rich Rodriguez | Sophomore QB Tate Forcier | Senior/Junior WR Junior Hemingway
Illinois Audio: Coach Ron Zook | Senior LB Nate Bussey, Junior DL Corey Liuget and Senior WR Eddie McGee

Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez

On the victory ... "We kept the folks interested but I'm really proud, it's all about the heart of our guys. We have a lot of young guys, a lot of freshmen battling out there. I'm really proud of the way they hung in there and won at the end.

"I thought we played really well up front. We had five turnovers and a lot of points. Even though our first-string quarterback left the game, we made some plays. We had some wide receivers that stepped up and made some plays at crucial times."

On Denard Robinson's status ... "I didn't know either when he got hurt. It happened sometime in the last drive of his. It might have been on that helmet-to-helmet hit. He was a little dizzy, he had some headaches. Those are possible symptoms for a concussion. For the safety of him we held him out and Tate (Forcier) went in there. He turned it over on the first play but didn't hang his head, and we had some wide receivers who made some really big plays at the end."

On the 75-yard touchdown pass on the first play of the game ... "We saw it all week. It was a run-pass option, they blew a coverage. The safety came in so hard because we were so heavy in the run. That was a big momentum shifter."

On Roy Roundtree's record-setting 246 receiving yards ... "I didn't know that. I knew he had a couple big ones. We were on him all week because last year when we went down to Illinois he had a big one and got caught from behind so we said you're developing in the weight room and in good condition. He didn't get caught on the first one but he did get caught on the second one. He battled pretty good. Again we made some mistakes that really hurt us on some drives, not only the turnovers but a couple of missed assignments, but our guys kept battling. They couldn't wait to get back on the field. Even defensively I felt our guys really hung in there, but we gave up some silly plays and we have to get those corrected."

On the defense on the last two-point conversion of the game ... "They stood in there all game. All the inexperience we had in the back end, we knew that they were going to go after it a little bit. They ran something similar to what we call a pick play and I think they got us, but the pressure got to the quarterback and that was a good thing to see. We need to be more aggressive at times and that time it paid off."

Illinois Head Coach Ron Zook

On today's game ... "It was a long game and a lot of yards. Something I have never been a part of. I'm really proud of my football team and Michigan did a great job. They had the team backed in the corner and we had to come out and match their intensity. I think for the most part we did and it just fell down there at the end."

On emotions in the locker room ... "It's tough. I feel bad for the kids. It was a tough game and my hat goes off to them. They had a great plan on offense and we couldn't slow them down. Our team did the same thing. We had a great plan and their defense couldn't slow us down."

On maintaining intensity during the game ... "It's hard to maintain that level of intensity. We're going to work on that this week. We had a good week of practice. They did everything we asked them to do. Sometimes you hit that gas pedal and instead of being 100 percent maybe it's 97 percent, and when you're playing a team like today that one step can be a big difference. We tried to do some things to stack the box a little bit. You can possibly be a little thin throwing the football. I think the first play of the game we were back on our haunches a little bit right there."

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